Acupuncture as a method of alternative medicine

Methods impact on the acupressure points can be varied.The leading one is acupuncture (acupuncture).This method involves the use of special effects of BAP needles made from surgical steel, platinum, gold, silver, the length of which is 1 to 12 cm. The needles need not have barbs chips.The main requirement - sterile instruments.

House it can be done by washing the needle with a solution of calcium hypochlorite, rinsed with water and dip 40-50 minutes.The solution of hydrogen peroxide.After processing the extracted needle sterile forceps and placed on a sterile towel until dry.The shape of needles may be different (pico-shaped, lanceolate, etc.).At home, most often use needles with rounded ends.

course, a knowledge of the location of BAP for the application of acupuncture is not enough.It is necessary to learn the basic techniques of a specialist.Before doing acupuncture patient, it should be fully evaluated for further diagnosis and selection techniques and the impact points.

After all preparatory pro

cedures necessary to achieve complete relaxation of the patient.To help may come music, aromatherapy.The patient should be put on a comfortable flat surface, treat the skin with ethyl alcohol.Reflexologist wash their hands with soap and water and wipe them with a disinfectant solution.

needle is inserted perpendicular to the surface more often.In some cases, the introduction of an angle of 40-60 degrees, if not readily BAP.Depth introduction should not exceed 1 cm. Hold the needle must be three fingers from the top, a thickened portion.It permitted in low depth introduction tapping at her progress.Perhaps administration by intramuscular injection type.Leather District BAT is going to fold, and quick movement needle is inserted, then twisting slightly moving it to the desired depth.On the correctness of introduction should indicate the absence of pain.However, with the right impact on BAT patient noted a slight distension or numbness of muscles, minor discomfort as the action of an electric current.sensations intensity decreases with recovery - from session to session.Removing the needle after the procedure can be either pressed his fingers and the skin abruptly pulling needle, or gradually, with gentle rotation, pulling 2mm., Stopping for a few seconds, and then continued.

Studying maps of biologically active points and meridians of energy is of great importance, as there are a number of dangerous areas that should get, not to harm the body.

heart meridian points are arranged symmetrically on the palms of the right and left hands.It is recommended to encourage the most active during the peak - between 11 and 13 hours of the day..

On the inside of the wrist in a natural depression between the two bundles is the point Pei-kuan.It is used to lower blood pressure, relieve pain, normalization of the frequency and heart rate.If

retreat to 10 cm. Of the average radiocarpal fold, it is possible to find a point in B-men.Stimulation of this point leads to pain relief during exacerbation of gastritis, heart pain, tachycardia.

In the center of the palm at the intersection of the lines from the middle and ring fingers held to the wrist, is the point lao-shun.The indication for its stimulation are the initial stages of atherosclerosis, hypertension, epistaxis associated with vascular weakness.

point Zhong-chun, located at the tip of the middle finger of 2 mm.from the nail, as well as point-lao gong, which can be found if a fist (it is located halfway between the middle and ring finger), are used in emergency conditions - heat stroke, respiratory failure, heart attack.

point shao-high, located in the inner part of the elbow, it is recommended to promote insomnia, tachycardia, as well as in the period of exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis.

For the treatment of respiratory diseases apply effects on the lung meridian points.

When sore throat, sore throat, cough is recommended to stimulate the point of chi-chieh, located inside the elbow, on the edge of the ligaments of the biceps.

rhinitis, laryngitis, exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis treated at the point of impact of la tsyue, which is located on the front side of the radial bone, slightly above the radiocarpal fold.

On the outside of the elbow, where it ends fold (if bend the arm at the elbow), the point is the show-san-li, which is recommended for the stimulation of acute respiratory diseases.

If you bend your arm at the elbow, not far from the elbow joint in the recess can be found Tsui Chi point, the impact of which is recommended for fevers.

gastric meridian are points stimulation of which is used for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and oral cavity.

On the ledge of the masseter muscle, the angle of the mandible is a point-chia n.Exposure to it is used for stomatitis, toothache, inflammation of the gums (non-infectious).

If on one knee to put the hand, the tip of a little finger, you can find a point Tsu-san-li.Stimulate it with constipation or diarrhea, gastritis with different acidity, gastric ulcer, prolonged hiccups.

The small intestine meridian points of the area are responsible for the work, as the digestive system, and some of the endocrine glands, they also massage for violations of the brain.

The center point of the tragus is tin-gun, which stimulates in reducing vision, hearing loss, tinnitus.

On the back of the hand at the end of the fifth metacarpal bone is wan-gu point, the impact of which is recommended for dizziness, decreased vision, hearing disorders.

The gall bladder meridian zone includes universal terms.On the back of the head

3 cm. Above the edge of the hair growth is Feng-chi point.The indication for stimulation of this point is a chronic runny nose, dizziness, neurasthenia.

point yang ling quan is below the edge of the fibula 20 mm., On the outer side of the leg, in a small recess.At her influence with cholecystitis, constipation.

points zone and cross the meridian located on the surface of the foot.

In the center of the foot point is Yong-Chuan, which stimulate for bed-wetting, dispersion, constipation.

above the calcaneal tuber, in the upper part of it, is the point Shui-chuan.Acupuncture in this area is indicated for spasms in the urinary and gall bladder disorders in the organs of the reproductive system.

On the inside of the lower leg, 50 mm.above the ankle, slightly offset ago, is the point Fu-lu, which stimulate with swelling, hypertension.

The area perednesredinnogo zadnesredinnogo and meridians are universal terms.

If you tilt your head forward, under the projecting hump on the back of the neck, you can find a groove in which the Dudgeon point.At the top in the middle is the point buy-hui.Stimulation of these points is shown with dizziness, cerebral circulatory disorders, insomnia.

Contraindications to the use of acupuncture are severe violations of the liver, urinary tract, pancreas, as well as mental illness, increased nervous irritability.Pregnant women, this procedure is not recommended.

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