News in the treatment of atrial fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation.From disease to this elegant and mysterious name, only one Russian annually decreases by about 250,000 people.During her heart suddenly starts beating it at a furious pace, then suddenly slows down.If doctors do not intervene in time, the person can die or, at best, remain disabled.

Experts believe that the elimination of atrial fibrillation is the most complex operation.Even a heart transplant given easier.AN behalf CenterBakuleva often cures the disease using catheter bloodless surgery.The operation is performed in the initial stage of the disease through an incision made in the thigh.But they can only be performed while the heart valves are still healthy.In addition, it requires accurate diagnosis, which in the case of atrial fibrillation is a very complex process.However, this method is designed academician Revishvili is now unique.

But in the name of AN research centerBakuleva Dr. Leo Bokeria developed another way to diagnose and treat the disease, called "Labyrinth-3."H

ere, instead of a scalpel used cryotechnology.Operational place exposed deep cooling.In practice, however, it was very difficult, and its inventor Leo Bokeria has spent several years in order to facilitate technology operations and make it understandable to other surgeons-cardiologists.And a few days ago, the doctor pointed to the practice of his simple, albeit challenging method of treating the disease.

whole process of the operation took place in front of the TV cameras.For the first time it has been given permission to film from the beginning to the end of the transaction process.On her special Leo Bokeria invited media representatives.A talented surgeon was confident that the method of "cryo" used them, is absolutely reliable and guarantee the heal from atrial fibrillation.In addition, the doctor is convinced that in the center of the Bakulev heart surgery done better than in other similar areas clinics in Russia and abroad.

operations like Bokeria held a doctor in other hospitals are very expensive.People to go abroad for treatment, spending huge money, but the disease often returns.AN behalf CenterBakuleva for them becomes the last hope.Price Bokeria operation method is 204,000 rubles.And most importantly - it is made from the state budget.The vast majority of patients undergoing treatment at the Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery are state employees.Some of the patients pay for their treatment through sponsored funds, and only a few are making money for the surgery themselves.

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