Extend the life of a medication

largest pharmaceutical giants of the world are testing drugs that are on the assumptions of scientists will be able to extend the life of a man in half.And such medicines may be on the market within five to six years.

The main component of the future miracle is resveratrol, or rather its synthetic versions.This component is released by some plants, such as grapes, and is essentially a protective response to external stimuli.

result restveratrola effects on the human body is the expression of the gene, which is involved in the allocation of SIRT1 protein.The mechanism of this effect is not yet fully understood, but found that a gene is activated when a person caloric intake is reduced, and its body is exposed to physical stress.Scientists hope to influence the protein synthetic substitutes resveratrol.Such alternatives today is known quite a lot, but for the test were selected only three.

drug is being tested in patients with cancer, diabetes, heart disease.Clinical studies confirm the rejuvenat

ing effects of SIRT1 enzyme.

of ongoing work may eventually contribute to the emergence of a number of drugs against cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease.Thus, according to Professor David Sinclair, of Harvard University, these medications will not only heal one disease, but also to prevent the emergence of a number of others.

It should be noted that earlier studies made of resveratrol in mice.Those mice that it was administered, showed a much greater endurance than their counterparts without protein supplements.In addition, the life expectancy of the first was 15% longer than the corresponding length of the latter.As

concludes Professor Sinclair, now scientists are trying to figure out whether there is any benefit from resveratrol synthetic substitutes for healthy people.But the existing results are encouraging.The aging process no longer seems so irreversible, and probably some of the living can be noted in future its one hundred and fiftieth birthday.

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