What foods help to relieve the pain ?

Due to the presence of our body mechanism of pain information to the effect that in some organ failure has occurred.Therefore pain can be called useful, because it was with her help we will know about the problems in the body and can take the necessary measures.But, unfortunately, not always the pain you can tolerate.Therefore, there is a considerable amount of pain medication.

However, many of us are used for analgesics to go to the pharmacy.But you should know that some of them can be found in the store.We are talking about food, the use of which will help reduce the pain.The products that are effective in such cases are:

  1. Tabasco. Their action is a distraction.Providing irritation to the mucosa language simultaneously included in the body of anesthesia system, which is a response to a stimulus in the form of acute seasoning.It was revealed that when joint pain is better to help the garlic and pepper.
  2. Ginger. If you add it to baked goods, this spice can help those people who suffer from back pain
    .The analgesic effect of ginger and noted the presence of the disease state at the time of menstruation.
  3. Thyme. Use this herb can also be effective in the critical days.Its analgesic effect is thyme that effect on uterine tone.He also possesses a calming effect.
  4. Chocolate.The use of this anesthetic appeal to all lovers of sweet.This product has a stimulating effect, which leads to the release of endorphins.But these substances are themselves considered a natural analgesic.
  5. Mac. Its effectiveness in this case due to the presence in the seeds of poppy codeine, which is considered a strong painkiller.Therefore, the use of baking poppy for minor painful sensations may provide relief.

As you can see, is not always in the presence of pain is to go to the pharmacy.In some instances, and can help foodstuffs.But it is a minor pain.It should be remembered that the self is dangerous and in the event of a pain it is better to see a doctor.

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