Cortical brain wasting : Causes and Treatment

With age, the human brain gradually shrinks, loses volume and weight.As a result, there are dizziness, worsening memory, drops sharply hearing and vision, there is poor coordination of movements.

The older, the more it becomes expressed inability to cognitive processes, appreciable retardation of thought and behavior control violation.The reason for this - the cortical brain malnutrition, which leads to aging of the blood vessels, reducing their lumen and consequently malnutrition cortex.

Causes of brain wasting

severity of cortical malnutrition due to genetic factors, the external environment and way of life only accelerate or deepen the process.The clinical form of the disease characterized by an area of ​​the cortex areas affected and the depth of their malnutrition.At all stages of the disease can be traced a slow, but progressive decay of mental activity, leading to a total poloumiyu.

external factors aggravating the disease is osteochondrosis spondylosis, accompanied by compression of the ver

tebral arteries, which leads to a lack of brain power.As supply of the brain may be impaired as a result of head injuries, stress and diabetes.Smoking and alcohol abuse as well make a negative contribution.

Treatment cortical malnutrition

Treatment of the disease is mainly symptomatic to relieve certain symptoms and minimize the external manifestations of the disease.Fix the root cause that caused the disease, it is practically impossible, since there are currently no methods and cures for hypotrophic processes in the cortex of the brain.

In severe apathy patients received psychotropic substances with a stimulating effect.A good result gives intravenous drugs that improve cerebral blood flow, reduce blood viscosity and promoting utilization of oxygen.Useful in cortical malnutrition vitamins and antioxidants, lipoic acid and pantothenic.

Drug therapy is well combined with physiotherapy.Improving nutrition of the brain cortical layer is observed at the quantum therapy and treatment with ozone.Good results give neck massage, warm baths with the addition of pine extract, sea salt and bromine.

When the first symptoms of cortical malnutrition is not recommended to place the patient in the hospital, taking it from a familiar environment, as this may provoke sharp deterioration.It is necessary to create conditions for an active lifestyle, forcing the patient to move a lot, feasible to load up on household chores, to stimulate the interest of domestic problems.The room in the hospital is recommended only if the marked senile poloumii and impossibility of constant supervision and care of the sick.

Unfortunately, prevention cortical malnutrition does not exist, and guard against the occurrence of this disease is impossible.Reduce the severity and extend mental health may be a healthy lifestyle and timely treatment of vascular diseases.

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