Causes and stages of debility , treatments

retardation - mental retardation is mild, which is characterized by the weakest stage of mental development disability.From the stage of retardation depends especially oligophrenics development, but the main feature of the disease is the loss of the possibility of the perception of complex concepts.

main signs of retardation is considered impaired concentration, too slow and fragile storage of information.Thinking ill person is a concrete descriptive, that is almost no possibility of abstraction, revealing logical relationships between certain events and phenomena that provokes mastery only specific knowledge.

Often the disease process is supplemented by speech impairments, its grammatical and phonetic components as well as a small vocabulary.But in case of retardation is well preserved works of visual and mechanical memory.

for patients with mental retardation in the degree of retardation is characterized by the following symptoms: sluggishness, slowness, lack of initiative, and poor self-control.Of

ten actions unfocused, spoiled, and completely unpredictable.

With the development of mild retardation sick child can be trained in a normal school, but in more complex situations, such persons are referred for training in specialized institutions.Usually Oligophrenic amenable to socialization and the ability to perform certain activities.

Degrees of Separation

disease concepts expressed and easy debility becomes most relevant as a teenager after the baby special school.The development of easy retardation is usually not accompanied by aggravating circumstances, therefore, it is possible to acquire the skills of a professional activity.

Such patients are able to take care of themselves, and as they grow older usually start a family.Providing high-quality and sustainable social adaptation is no need for constant monitoring and care in the mental hospital.

In severe retardation becomes impossible to live without the constant help and support, and affordable is only unskilled manual labor.For the favorable development of the person you want to pass training in a special school, where four years of the program are eight using engaging visual teaching methods.Education is accompanied by mastering certain domestic skills.

In some situations, the child debility remains undetected.Sometimes parents themselves hinder the transfer of their child in the auxiliary school since refused to recognize its inferiority.


disease most often diagnosed debility at the beginning of the child's schooling.This child must inspect the neurologist, psychiatrist and psychologist, and in case of violation of the function of speech - speech therapist.Identify debility helps organization psychometrics, various tests with pictures of scenes and images classification experiments.At this level of intelligence is from 40 to 69%.

Installation neurological status in people suffering from debility, usually not detected no abnormalities.Basically, the disease is characterized by a lack of expressive facial expressions and the restriction of small movements.For in-depth analysis of the state of the central nervous system in patients with debility conducted additional tests and MRI brain.

Diagnosis is carried out only with the deletion border of mental retardation, which is due to delays in neuro-mental development while normal mental capacity.In addition to this debility it is required to distinguish from the reduction of intelligence with concurrent schizophrenia and epilepsy in infancy.

treatment process

child to put him "debility" diagnosis should be on the constant lookout at the neuropsychiatrist.If pathology develops simultaneously with endocrinopathies, an additional monitoring is carried out by an endocrinologist.If

identify and eliminate the cause of the pathology becomes impossible, it is organized by specific therapy.

the diagnosis of congenital forms of syphilis or toxoplasmosis conducted etiological therapy.With the development of fermentopathy required to comply with special rules of nutrition and hormone treatment is indicated for endocrinopathies.

Symptomatic treatment is the use of anticonvulsant medications and dehydration equipment.Also performed restorative therapy and is receiving psychotropic drugs.With a high degree of fatigue of the patient and the development of fatigue is needed mental stimulants work.

Along with drug treatment sick children in need of corrective therapy with the use of psychological, pedagogical and speech therapy techniques.The main objective of this treatment - is the provision of psychological support, the elimination of behavioral disorders and learning.In the older age children acquire skills skills they will need for self-service and maintenance work.

Social adaptation

on the problem of social adaptation of patients doctors work together Pediatrics, experts in social psychology and pedagogy, child neurologists and psychiatrists.The main purpose - is to accommodate patients for independent life in the modern society, as well as prevent them in the involvement of criminal groups

very difficult component of social adaptation is the proper organization of the process of learning and work, as well as the patients life.Children are encouraged to be trained in special institutions.Where the learning process is built in accordance with their mental abilities.After training, people are able to develop a simple profession, where they will perform a simple job that would not require rapid switching of attention, independence and taking initiative.

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