The dangerous hypertrophy of the breast in women

Under malnutrition breast realize reduction in the size of the glandular tissue relative to the skin.This forms sagging breasts or ptosis.Apart from aesthetic and psychological discomfort, and this may bring serious problems.

skin in the crease between the breast and chest sweats heavily, especially during the summer.When you join a secondary infection may develop redness and itching.

Why can decrease breast droop and

Among the causes of malnutrition breast can identify the main.

  • Age-related changes.As a result of aging the glandular tissue shrinks.In addition, it reduced skin elasticity and supporting ligaments.
  • Childbirth and subsequent breastfeeding baby is carried to the fact that the breast is first significantly increases in size (more than 2 times).After the cessation of the lactation period, breast size returned to normal, and the skin is stretched.There is a so-called relative malnutrition.
  • With a sharp weight loss reduces the amount of fat tissue.Due to the fact that on the mammary gla
    nd consists of 30-60% fat is a significant decrease in its volume.
  • Anatomical features and bad posture can lead to mastoptosis.

Methods of treating malnutrition breast

therapy aimed at normalizing metabolism, including hormonal disorders, usually not effective in wasting of the mammary glands.Among the radical methods of treatment of this disease are the most significant

  1. breast lift
  2. introduction of breast implants.

With replacement can restore the shape and volume of the breast.Before the intervention, all patients undergo a thorough examination.Best results are achieved when individual selection of silicone implants are small.The operation is performed under local anesthesia and takes about 2 hours.

Implantation of breast implants is contraindicated in women with severe somatic diseases (diabetes, hypertension) and tumors in the mammary gland or mastopathy.It is not advisable to perform this procedure to patients with a tendency to form keloids.

main purpose of breast lift is a correction of its shape and movement to the normal position of the areola area.At the same breast size can be reduced even more, but it will fit body type.

specially designed physical exercises can be used to prevent breast malnutrition.In addition, a little slow age involution are beauty treatments and wearing special clothes.

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