Causes , symptoms and debility debility test

debility - it is the simplest form of manifestation of mental retardation.This is the most common species decline of mental abilities in children and accounts for 75% of all cases.

It is important to differentiate the debility of the border form of mental retardation, which is formed due to the delay of mental development, provoked by external factors, such as adverse living conditions, congenital or acquired physical defects that limit the cognitive activity and interfere with the normal development of intelligence.The test makes it possible to establish a form of pathology or confirm its absence.

reasons for the formation of pathology

The causes of this disease developing in the first place include genetic predisposition and other negative effects on the fetus during its intrauterine development.The negative effects include infectious diseases carried over a woman while carrying a child Rhesus conflict, fetal hypoxia, toxic effects on the fetus when tobacco use, alcohol and unauthorized medicines.

debility also may develop as a result of birth trauma, asphyxia of newborn, CNS infections and serious head injuries.


pathology, depending on the degree of disability for mental and intellectual abilities, debility divided into heavy, medium and light form.According to their predominant symptoms of debility classified into atonic, dystrophic, asthenic and sthenic.

Symptoms Pathology

retardation tend to lack the ability to perceive complex concepts and produce complex generalizations and think abstractly.In children with retarded clearly manifested spatial visualization ability.They can perceive what is happening around them phenomena only superficially and fail to understand the whole situation.

child diagnosed with debility with great difficulty could find a relationship between the images and experiences difficulties in the process of comparison.These children often develop difficulties with speech.They are typical of poor vocabulary, sluggishness and lethargy speech.

As a rule, in school, given to patients with difficulty.It is difficult to learn the rules of spelling, they can hardly recount just read the text, and a poor understanding of the task.The most difficult subject is considered mathematics.Most children suffering from debility, there are those who are gifted with perfect pitch, the talent of the artist, fine mechanical memory, etc.

debility often supplemented by limiting the desire to know the world, underdevelopment of the moral, aesthetic qualities and will.For this reason, patients are unable to formulate their own opinions.At the same time they are easy to imitate people around them, adopt their views, and adhere to them.The weak will and lack of independence combined with easy suggestibility, which may lead to the involvement of such a person in a criminal group, as the patient is not aware of the consequences of their actions.

generally.nature, patients are helpful, kind and gentle, or vice versa too aggressive, stubborn, angry and vengeful.

helps diagnose debility special organization psychometrics, a variety of tests to include stories and pictures as well as image classification experiments.

Treatment pathology

process retardation treatment aimed at correction of causal factors and their elimination.

nootropics are used for the restoration of cognitive performance.Even more significant are considered measures for rehabilitation, training of memory, self-service skills, psychotherapy, personal enrichment and the use of various teaching methods.

decisive role is played by a sequence of actions, their systematic and methodical.This approach gives the most positive correction of mental retardation.

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