Wasting syndrome, pituitary or empty sella

pituitary gland - a small oval-shaped appendage on the bottom surface of the brain.Almost all sides it is surrounded by bone formation, called the Turkish saddle.

The main function of this gland is to produce hormones that regulate metabolism, growth, reproduction.Wasting pituitary hypoplasia due to its fabric and in a different way is called a syndrome empty sella.

What may be related malnutrition pituitary

main reasons that lead to pituitary malnutrition are:

  • congenital abnormality that leads to compression of the gland surrounding brain tissue,
  • increased intracranial pressure,
  • menopause after frequent pregnancies,ending abortion,
  • ischemic necrosis of the pituitary (Simmonds syndrome) associated with massive bleeding during childbirth,
  • autoimmune processes,
  • surgery or radiation therapy in the area of ​​the brain.

Interestingly, the pituitary gland during pregnancy significantly increases in size, not always returning to its original state after birth.Therefore, during the age of inv

olution may come its significant reduction.

main manifestations of empty sella syndrome

Very often wasting the pituitary gland may be asymptomatic and detected as a random finding in brain MRI.Due to the fact that the iron produces a variety of hormones, and the manifestations of the disease are associated with insufficient blood in their isolation.Additionally, you may be neurological, and visual impairment due to the proximity of the optical nerve.

Endocrine disorders in malnutrition pituitary manifest:

  • weakness, hypotension, weight loss (ACTH - adrenocorticotropic hormone),
  • constipation, muscle pain, weight gain (TSH - thyroid-stimulating hormone),
  • infertility and erectile dysfunction (FSH -follicle-stimulating hormone, LH - luteinizing hormone),
  • decline in growth and delayed physical and sexual development in children (growth hormone - STH),
  • insufficient milk production in lactating women (prolactin),
  • thirst and frequent urination (ADH - antidiuretichormone).

Visual disorders include:

  • diplopia,
  • decreased visual acuity,
  • loss of visual fields,
  • lacrimation and pain.

Among neurological disorders distinguish:

  • headache (the most common symptom),
  • fluctuations in blood pressure and heart pain,
  • panic attacks with a sense of lack of air,
  • pyrexia (fever),
  • fainting.

Therapies malnutrition pituitary

Generally, treatment for the syndrome empty sella syndrome is aimed at eliminating manifestations:

  • hormone replacement therapy during a shortage of production of hormones,
  • decrease the intracranial pressure during its increase,
  • elimination of neurological symptoms and disordersview.

extremely rare (less than 2% of cases) have resorted to surgical treatment.During the operation the nose perform fixation of the optic chiasm and filling sella implant.

Preventive measures for the prevention of malnutrition pituitary aimed at preventing injuries, inflammatory and oncological diseases of the brain, as well as improve blood circulation of the prostate.

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