Abscess : Treatment and prevention of disease

All people want to be healthy, but sometimes the disease creeps up unnoticed.One of the most serious diseases is an abscess.Usually it is manifested by inflammation of various tissues and organs, worsening congestion in them a small amount of pus.So the person or abscess after an injection, can be a good example.

If a person noticed a purulent process, treatment home remedies is unacceptable.The fact that the causative agent - Staphylococcus aureus is very tricky.When inflammation is formed purulent cavity surrounded by tissue inflammation, which is located inside pyogenic membrane.Doctors distinguish between different types of the disease: the surface that occur in the subcutaneous tissue, and deep, which are located in the tissues, organs, cavities.

Possible treatments

Whatever the abscess treatment should be carried out by the doctor.The fact that the degree of pathological changes in the process can have serious consequences.Take, for example, peritonsillar abscess - treatment is not car

ried out, and the picture is not very promising.If the abscess will reveal itself in the mouth and drained the pus, the patient was lucky.But for some time to come relief.In fact, not all the pus flowed out, and most of it has remained.An important factor in a successful fight against any kind is its early diagnosis and timely treatment.When to see a doctor should tell him all the details of the disease, when the abscess began that preceded it than lechili.Imenno diagnosis becomes an indication for conservative treatment or surgical intervention.Since opening the abscess Bartholin's gland is made as using furatsilinovoy ointments, and surgical hospital.In any case, the goal of any treatment - autopsy purulent cavity, emptying it and drain.Typically, small superficial abscesses subcutaneous tissue, cure ambulatorno.Esli same experts have sounded the alarm and found, for example, complex peritonsillar abscess treatment is carried out under conditions of urgent hospitalization.If the process involved in purulent liver or lung, it is pumped through a puncture pus, and injected into the cavity of antibiotics, including the enzyme.When opened abscess - treatment of patients is carried out it is the same as in the treatment of purulent wounds:

  • providing varied and balanced diet;
  • when indicated transfusion of blood products, plasma;
  • appointment of a course of antibiotics;
  • in abscess that developed on the background of diabetes, you need to restore the disturbed metabolism.

If treatment is started on time, especially for superficial abscesses, which are easily accessible for quick action, the most favorable prognosis.Take, for example, Bartholin gland abscess - treatment of the disease although conducted in a hospital, but it takes a maximum of two weeks.Another thing is running late with the treatment of an abscess made surgical intervention, inadequate drainage is fraught with adverse consequences.Perhaps the development of purulent process in the chronic form, and even the generalization of infection.


diseases To prevent the inflammatory process, the need for prevention.It is necessary to avoid the pathological development of abscesses.For this we need to be attentive to any negative manifestations on the body or bodies - need to be alarmed at the appearance of the skin of any disease education or redness.

If found, it should be lubricated with ointment furatsilinovoy inflamed areas or salicylic zinc paste.Experts advise as to impose on a sore place a sterile gauze soaked in a solution of the van.Even if found implicit abscess symptoms, you should, as soon as possible to apply to the medical facility and consult with experts, and, of course, with the surgeon.

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