How to get out of depression on their own with the help of traditional medicine

depressed faces every third inhabitant of the globe.But some people are wondering how to get out of depression, it is confused with severe mental disorders subdepressive states.

subdepression is the forerunner of depression.If assistance will be provided at this stage, the treatment will not last long.


If a person raises the question of how to deal with depression, it means that he is already on the road to recovery.It is important to realize that taking various antidepressants - not an option.

often uncontrolled use of even "harmless" medicines has the opposite effect and only aggravates the situation.In addition to heightened symptoms, the patient may begin to suffer from obsessive fears and insomnia.

Treatment of depression begins with the definition of this type of therapist rasstroystva.Posle determined by performing diagnostic procedures.

If depression is relatively mild, the patient is assigned sparing therapy.The doctor can simply talk to their wards, gradually pulling out the root


Often a person suffering from depression, you know, what was the cause of this mental rasstroystva.Esli formal psychotherapy did not help alleviate the condition, the doctor will take a decision on the appointment of antidepressants.

features help the patient

Give the correct answer to the question how to treat this condition, it is easy.Depression Treatment involves:

  1. Conducting medical therapy.
  2. Carrying psychotherapy.
  3. reception of prescribed antidepressants.

Of great importance is the support of the patient relatives and close friends.If the condition of human remains static for a long time, or if there is a risk of his life, he is a forced hospitalization.

Features psychotherapy

gentle effect on the psyche and the human body, suffering from depression, is called psychotherapy. The main purpose of this practice is to help the patient in dealing with depression. With professional a person learns to block the depression and to exercise control over her emotions provocative development.

Modern therapists often resorted to:

  • interpersonal psychotherapy;
  • psychodynamic psychotherapy;
  • cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy.

average duration of psychotherapy course - 8-22 sessions.

What herbs can be drunk?

Often a person who wants to deal with the painful symptoms, recourse to treatment folk remedies.Some herbs, indeed, have a sedative effect.But taking them should not be uncontrolled. The most effective medical herbs include St. John's wort, passionflower and shizandru.

  1. In St. John's wort contains hypericin, which is a "strike force" in the treatment of depression, or, more precisely, subdepressive state.Taking St. John's wort to be very careful.Most often, the therapist assigned to receive a decoction of St. John's wort after taking antidepressants.For the decoction taken to use flowers and leaves of this plant.
  2. for treatment after a heavy stress shocks common to use shizandru.This plant is great to cope with negative emotions and helps to raise the standard attitude."Classical" dosage pharmacy shizandry - 500 mg.Take your medicine should be strictly in the morning and at lunch.In the evening, take shizandru not recommended.
  3. Passion pronounced effect is no different.But many therapists recommend its use as a means of helping to cope with growing alarm.Passionflower main advantage is that it is well matched with other drugs.

on the course of depression have a tremendous impact factors such as shortage of trace elements and vitamins.In this case the plant may not have an adequate therapeutic effect.

The basis of successful treatment of depression is the balance of the important elements in the patient's blood.

Self struggle with depression

Many people who are at risk, are interested in the question of how to get rid of depression by yourself.It is possible, if the depression is in the mild and does not involve chronic occurrence of suicidal thoughts.

Help yourself to get out of the heavy, oppressive state can be subject to the following rules:

  • organization of proper nutrition;
  • organization regime rest and sleep;
  • perform physical exercises;
  • direction of thoughts in a positive direction.

Many people who are prone to depression, often "seize" the problem.This is not an option.Some foods, especially sweets and flour, extra pounds contribute to the emergence and development of various diseases.

hardly evaporate depression, if a person, looking at himself in the mirror, sees such a depressing change in appearance.Therefore, food should be useful.Particular emphasis should be made on fruits, fresh juices and dried fruits.

Some people "escape" from depression, plunging into work.This is also a common mistake.The problem will not go away, it just "zasyadet" deeper and deal with it will be more difficult.Therefore, therapists recommend that longer sleeping and frequently visit the open air.

support close

cope with depression caused by the loss of a close relative or a serious illness, can friends and family.Anyone who is interested in how to help a person get out of the depression should be reserved tremendous patience.

patient is very vulnerable, and requires tactful attitude.If possible, it is recommended to "pull" it into a joint rendezvous.If that is not possible, then you need to try to inspire his interesting work.

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