Chronic hemorrhoids and its types , symptoms, causes and methods of treatment

Most often, this pathology as hemorrhoids, develops gradually, as an independent disease.Within a few years it passes certain stages.It is a chronic disease in which the exacerbation followed by periods of calm, while delivering patient discomfort.

Varieties of chronic hemorrhoids

classifying the disease on the location of the inflamed nodes, isolated chronic external and internal hemorrhoids are chronic.The first type is characterized by external hemorrhoids location of hemorrhoids, which are located around the anus and can be seen.In the second case, the nodes are inside the intestine, which at the time of an exacerbation can grow and fall out.

There is also a frequent chronic combined hemorrhoids, when its manifestations can be seen both outside and inside.

Due to the fact that the disease does not develop immediately, but gradually, it is divided into stages or degrees.

  1. first stage - chronic hemorrhoids of 1 degree.This is the initial stage in which no external components, symptoms are mild
    and the disease is difficult to recognize.
  2. second stage - chronic hemorrhoids grade 2 is characterized by the fact that during stool units fall out, but then reduce a back.At this stage, it becomes apparent diagnosis and hemorrhoids, one can say "there."
  3. third stage of the disease - chronic hemorrhoids grade 3.In this case, hemorrhoids fall out not only when defecating, and after lifting weights or straining.Independently they reduce a longer, but still can be inserted back into the gut hands.
  4. fourth stage - the nodes are constantly outside, manually insert already impossible.At this stage there are complications such as thrombosis, inflammation and impairment of nodes.

Symptoms and signs

At the earliest stages, when there hemorrhoids are small and inside meager symptoms.As the disease progresses, the clinical picture is diverse and is characterized by several symptoms.

  1. discomfort in the anal area.As if it has a foreign body is present burning and itching.If there is an inflammation of the intestine inflammatory fluid can flow, irritating the anus and magnifies all of these symptoms.
  2. pain syndrome, often associated with a chair.Passing through the intestines, especially dense stool, hurt external or internal components, causing pain.In addition, this symptom may be associated with cracks in the intestinal mucosa, which often accompany hemorrhoids.
  3. bleeding.This symptom is almost always present with hemorrhoids, occurs when bursting or injury of host feces.Blood can be seen on the toilet paper, it can flow trickle or dropwise in the end discharge.
  4. loss of hemorrhoids.As soon as this symptom appears, the diagnosis becomes immediately obvious.Depending on the stage of the disease, nodes can reduce a both individually and manually or not at all amenable to reduction.

During exacerbation of chronic symptoms of hemorrhoids appear bright, and during the remission of the patient normally does not bother.

What caused the exacerbation of chronic hemorrhoids?

Never aggravation of hemorrhoids suddenly for no reason, no reason not arise.There is always a predisposing factor that would break calm course of the disease:

  • poor diet, and aggravation often occurs after holiday feasts, accompanied by alcohol, spicy, sharp and pickled dishes;
  • violation of the chair: constipation or diarrhea;
  • lifting weights;
  • long stay on your feet or sitting position;
  • women hemorrhoids is often exacerbated during pregnancy or after childbirth.

In some cases, chronic hemorrhoids flows by type of thrombosis or infringing site.At the same clinical manifestations are very bright and demanding immediate, competent treatment.

How can cure the disease in the chronic form?

In the case of acute, chronic hemorrhoids treatment should try to begin as soon as possible.In this case, it will be able to more quickly cope with the disease, to avoid unwanted complications.Treatment usually start with simple conservative methods, using both medication drugs and traditional medicines.

If the nodes are located externally, it is applied topically ointment Relief, Relief Ultra, Relief Advance, Gepatrombin F, Proctosedyl, Aurobin.These tools contain several components, removes the pain, swelling and improve blood flow unit in it.Ointments, dissolving blood clots, dried tissue and eliminate the burning and itching.
If the nodes are located inside the colon, it is more convenient to use the same name candles from hemorrhoids as needed from one to four times a day.

From traditional medicine to help remove the aggravation of hemorrhoids sit hot and cold baths with soothing anti-inflammatory and hemostatic herbs, candles and ointments on the basis of honey, mummy, propolis, fat, birch tar, potatoes.Also practice steam onion, garlic trays and trays of alum.

situation is more complicated if it is combined chronic hemorrhoids grade 3.When ineffective conservative treatment, in the II - III stages of chronic hemorrhoids, use minimally invasive methods such as ligation of nodes with latex rings, cryotherapy, sclerotherapy, infrared photocoagulation.But if these treatments do not give a positive effect, hemorrhoids removed surgically.

order not to lose precious time and carry out an effective treatment in case of an aggravation of a chronic hemorrhoids, you need as soon as possible to ask for medical help.How to treat chronic hemorrhoids, what methods should be used and for what duration of treatment - all the better to discuss with the doctor-proctologist.And lest repeated exacerbations, should be how to revise your lifestyle, nutrition, and remove from it all possible triggers.

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