What are the different types of depression ?

emotional state of the patient changes significantly with this disease, as depression.Currently, many people suffer from it.

Types of depression may be different, they determine symptoms, the severity of the external manifestations and treatment characteristics.

What are species?

Depressions are of three main types.

Endogenous depression

This kind of deviation arises from the fact that a person initially there is a genetic predisposition to the development of mood and reduction of depression.

In this case, even minor problems that occur in the life of any individual, can lead to a dramatic deterioration.

This species is common in adolescence, and is manifested in the form of reduced performance and a detachment from other people.

interesting feature of endogenous species is that the number of people suffering from a decrease in the general background mood due to the nature of heredity, does not change from generation to generation.That is, the total number remains unchanged.


These conditions are the result of organic changes in the central nervous system and cardiovascular system.

number of people suffering from a variety of diseases is constantly increasing because of higher amount of alcohol, traumatizations associated with head trauma, strokes, heart attacks, and other pathological conditions.


Modern civilization has created many diseases or increase their incidence.

no exception and psychogenic depression, developing on the background of constant stress and emotional stress faced by any modern man.

In terms of current depression can be:

  • easy , the part it resembles a sad state, which tightens a long time;
  • moderate (the problem starts with the performance of daily tasks, reduced focus);
  • heavy (symptoms in a variety of terms, there is a complete circuit of the patient confidence, often accompanied by psychosis, delusions or hallucinations).

Depression can occur depending on the cause, which is the basis of this condition.And signs of the deviations may also differ from each other.

Young mothers

Every tenth woman says postpartum depression that develops in the second week after the appearance of a baby into the world.

At this point, the body is going through restructuring and crisis piled problems, lack of sleep, anxiety.

If a woman has had a tendency to decrease mood prior to pregnancy or during gestation, the risk of developing postpartum depression is increased many times over.

main symptoms of such conditions are:

  • lability emotional manifestations;
  • constant feeling of fatigue;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • high mistrust and anxiety;
  • feeling of helplessness and uselessness;
  • lack of interest in solving everyday problems and for her child.

In some cases, it runs independently, but sometimes the woman requires assistance of a qualified specialist.

Bipolar disorder

There is bipolar disorder as manic depression.The man with the same time is in a joyful and excited, and then expressed feeling of oppression and depression.These phases alternate with one another, sometimes a period of "enlightenment."

Scientists have noticed that this pathology is often seen in the same family in close relatives, suggesting that the hereditary nature of the disease.

symptoms in the manic phase:

  • increased vitality;
  • decreased need for sleep and food;
  • energy;
  • penchant for drawing up unrealistic plans and goals;
  • impulsivity.

The depressive phase is marked:

  • complete detachment;
  • lack of interest in the problems of others;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • inability to solve simple problems;
  • suicide attempts.

In those periods that occur between attacks, the patient behaves appropriately and do not remember themselves in extreme forms of a particular state.

Acute depression

Acute or clinical depression manifests a constant manifestation of depressed mood, especially in the morning.In addition, this patient is:

  • reduction of vital energy;
  • retardation or agitation;
  • lack of interest;
  • suicidal thoughts and attempts;
  • weight loss or excess.

women due to the fact that they have to constantly take on responsibility for many aspects of life, often suffer from this form of the disease.This is especially true of single mothers.


This type of depression related to a certain age and hormonal changes in the body has specific manifestations:

  1. deterioration of attention, inability to concentrate for long periods on certain topics.Thoughts constantly jump, a child does not learn.All attempts to do homework become useless, which is extremely negative impact on self-esteem.
  2. teenager constantly "head in the clouds."Dive into the world of dreams is becoming more pronounced.
  3. achievement Reduction.The combination of the inability to concentrate and a penchant for constant dreams leads to the fact that the child is starting to get bad marks.Since this does not happen abruptly, few could have imagined that such a condition is associated with depression.
  4. melancholy manifestation.Normally this sensation may last from several hours to several days.But such a state of constant in the normal state of affairs should not be.If this happens regularly, or delayed for an indefinite period, it is necessary to think about rejection.Teen become inclined to solitude, and increasingly showing reluctance to communicate with others and friends.He lost interest in what previously enjoyed.
  5. secondary manifestations of depression in adolescents can be somatization.At the same time he often arise retrosternal or headaches.
  6. complete withdrawal into oneself.The child is completely fenced off from other children, attempts to establish contact, he breaks with the help of open rudeness or aggression.As a result, there will come even faster loneliness leads to deterioration.The danger is that it ends with the use of alcohol or drug addiction.

Other forms

There are other forms:

  1. neurotic. It manifests itself in the form of insomnia, loss of appetite, bad mood, combined with emotional lability.Human negativism is manifested only within a specific traumatic situation, and he tries to make changes to it.
  2. Chronic. second title this state - dysthymia.This is a fairly mild form of depression, which may be exacerbated as a result of a recurrent severe for a person or a situation of chronic disease.It may take a long time.
  3. Alcohol.First depression in alcoholics occurs only after the binge.Gradually, it is compounded, and developing long-term depression, with the deceleration of psychic and mental work, personal degradation develops.Treatment of this depression is very difficult, because it is no motivation to recovery.
  4. Masked. continues for a long time, while other people do not notice it.A person with such a variety of disease occurs weakness and impotence, but there are no feelings of depression, and some fatigue, and depressed mood it for himself explains the presence of a disease.However, the discomfort and discomfort while constantly observed in different organs and systems of the body.The second name of the disease - a hidden depression.
  5. protracted. develops on the background of chronic stress or physical illness.It lasts a long time this state, gradually leading to a complete loss of the meaning of life and the lack of any kind was of interest.
  6. season. develops in the same season.Most often it happens in spring and autumn.
  7. Drug. is extremely rare, and goes after drug withdrawal, were the cause.Most often this phenomenon is observed in the use of funds for the treatment of hypertension.

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