How to treat and what to do with the dislocation of the legs ?

Dislocation - a joint injury, accompanied by rupture of the joint capsule and the displacement of the joint surfaces.Dislocation of the feet symptoms is usually pronounced - a very painful injury, impaired joint mobility immediately upon receipt injury.joint deformation visible to the naked eye, but to accurately determine the type and extent of displacement required X-ray examination.


Get dislocated quite simply, the most common cause of this injury are sharp irregular movement.Suffice it to slip on slippery or wet floors or on icy streets in the winter, and ligaments can not sustain the load received.

Speaking of leg dislocation, we should not forget that the human foot has 26 bones, held together.Accordingly, the dislocation of the little finger on his leg - it is also a dislocated leg.

Dislocation leg symptoms is quite unlike the usual symptoms of injury or strain.In most cases the swelling does appear immediately and grows before our eyes, but the unnatural joints unscrewed, the spri

ng, but the movement is not possible (equally difficult and attempts to active movement, and attempts to offset passive performed at outside influences).

often dislocated leg symptoms finger is strongly related to the fracture.A similar symptoms - not always convenient phenomenon, but do not forget that you need to provide first aid to the victim in obtaining a dislocation or fracture.

First Aid

In the event that after the injury are suspected dislocated big toe joint or other extremities, the most important thing - do not try to straighten it yourself.This should be done by a doctor, nowadays it is often performed using a local anesthesia, and in some cases - with drugs, muscle relaxants.

easy to self-diagnose complications - most likely, will not allow the victim to touch the affected limb due to acute pain.In any case, do not try to check the mobility of the joint, bending or straightening it by hand - enough to ask the victim to try to perform this movement.

If suspected dislocated toe, but they are able to move, most likely diagnosis is wrong, if there is severe swelling and pain, you must also go to the nearest emergency station.The victim is necessary to provide the lowest physical activity, and it is desirable to fix the injured limb in srednefiziologicheskom position.

To fix the damaged leg is perfect for board or any other hard flat object having a flat surface.It is enough to put a foot on it and tie it firmly above and below the injured joint.If there was a bruised toe, will be sufficient to immobilize the foot, fixing can provide small object - such as a kitchen cutting board, fastened on the plantar surface of the foot.

Use painkillers at home makes no sense.As a rule, the illness accompanied by pain so strong that they are able to cope with extremely drugs used in stationary conditions.If there is a possibility to joint damage can apply ice or a cold compress.

This manipulation allows relieve pain and gives a margin of time for which the patient should be taken to consult a qualified traumatologist.As soon as first aid for dislocation legs provided, you must provide transportation of the injured to hospital for medical examination, additional examinations (X-rays) and obtain professional medical assistance.

treatment process

are many cases where victims have received a medical facility with a suspected dislocated, diagnose fractures.The thing is that the symptoms of a dislocated foot is similar to the turning point, and the mechanism of injury is similar in many respects.If, after examination, the doctor confirmed the assumption -vyvih little finger on the leg, treatment is likely to be scheduled and carried out immediately.

Frequent are also cases where before answering the question of how to treat the disease, your doctor will be assigned additional study to confirm the diagnosis.In most cases to identify the true state of dislocation and leg joints X-rays used, and treatment is given only after studying the pictures of the damaged joint.

reduce a portion of the hand or with the use of special medical devices.The procedure is performed using local anesthesia, and medications that relax the skeletal muscles spasm.Also in trauma treatment dislocated toe may be appointed for a period of rehabilitation.It can be serious injuries with painkillers and medications that accelerate the healing process.Most

after reduction requires fixing damaged legs for successful healing of the joint capsule.To this end, imposed a plaster cast or Longuet.The patient in the healing period prescribed bed rest and avoid strenuous exercise and increased activity.If necessary, after the removal of plaster repeated x-rays may be carried out - 5-7 days after injury as bone trauma surgeon can accurately establish the correct diagnosis, because after the first fracture occurs pronounced bone resorption and then wound, with dislocation of bone reactive changesIt does not arise ever.

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