How dangerous hemorrhoids in the early stages of the disease ?

According to statistics, patients with hemorrhoids becomes more and more every year.But many people, not knowing the danger of hemorrhoids, not in a hurry to see a doctor-proctologist.Some patients seek help prevent and tightness.But, alas, hemorrhoids - the disease is not harmless, and therefore it should be treated in time.

Hemorrhoids 1 degree - the early symptoms and possible complications

Typically, at this stage, the disease has no striking manifestations, and therefore does not cause particular concern to the patient.Typically, the following symptoms occur:

  • discomfort in the anal area;
  • slight itching;
  • feeling of humidity in the anus area, which is caused by the release of inflammatory bowel small amount of liquid is irritating to the skin.

At this stage of the disease components are usually quite small in size, they are located on the inner walls of the colon and they can not be seen from outside.Occasionally complications can occur such as bleeding.However, at this stage it does not

bear significant risk to human life.The patient may notice blood on the toilet paper after defecation.

If there is bleeding - this is a serious reason to consult a qualified technician.After all, this disease often develop complications such as hemorrhagic anemia.If a person is sick with hemorrhoids, it will suffer from chronic blood loss, which can last for months or years.the patient's body will expend reserves of iron, necessary for the recovery and of maintaining the level of hemoglobin and red blood cells.Gradually, the supply of this trace element will be depleted, resulting in anemia, symptoms of which are weakness, dry skin, disturbances of smell and taste, as well as the formation of "Zayed" in the corners of the mouth.If the disease run, the cardiomyopathy may occur due to anemia.

Many people doubt whether the hemorrhoids can be cured, prefer simply to remove the unpleasant symptoms by means of rectal suppositories (candles).Such a casual attitude to their own health leads to the progression of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids grade 2 - characteristic manifestations

Many people, not knowing how dangerous hemorrhoids, not in a hurry to go to the proctologist.But the second stage of the disease differs sufficiently symptomatic:

  • nodes are increased in size;
  • burning, pain, and itching in the anus;
  • in the anus may feel the presence of a foreign body.

If you have already developed the second stage of such unpleasant diseases like hemorrhoids - complications can bring a lot of trouble, seriously interfering with a full life.Thus, the bleeding may be more pronounced.Blood is released during defecation in the form of a trickle.It is also possible loss of nodes increased in size during defecation.However, they usually reduce a self.Even when these symptoms need help proctology, because they know what is dangerous hemorrhoids and how to get rid of it.

grade 3 Hemorrhoids - Symptoms and complications

Patients who do not think about how dangerous hemorrhoids, and prefer to self-medicate may be faced with unpleasant and dangerous complications of the disease.After the third stage of the patient concerned:

  • expressed itching;
  • discomfort and pain in the anus;
  • bleeding;
  • prolapse - they can fall during exertion, and insert them back, you can only manually, and the effect of this "procedure" is very short.

Sometimes there is thrombosis, located at the nodes.This complication is considered the most dangerous, because it can lead to tissue necrosis and even abscess (purulent infection is in the rectum).This state is characterized by a very strong pain in the anus, fever, and urinary retention.Nodes become cyanotic, swollen, touching it increases the pain.The treatment in this case must be conducted exclusively by physicians.As a rule, they do a special blockade inflamed sites.Sometimes we have to do, even surgery - thrombectomy.

Hemorrhoids grade 4 - manifestations of the disease

If the disease was much running, hemorrhoids are outside all the time, and straighten them is impossible.In this case the patient concerned about intense itching, burning expressed in the anus.The patient suffers from pain, not only during the act of defecation, but also when walking and sitting.Such severe pain of hemorrhoids, usually still make a person see a doctor-proctologist.

At this stage, there are various complications - they are much more dangerous symptoms.Bleeding can be very strong, so it can develop severe anemia.Often inflamed nodes thrombosing and infringed that requires mandatory intensive treatment and sometimes surgery.

If hemorrhoids combined with constant constipation, it may be an anal fissure.When this complication occurs very intense pain during bowel movements and after it, and bleeding, which may be abundant.Often the crack is infected, leading to the development of purulent abscess.In this case, proctology recommend surgery, and in which the nodes are removed, and crack.

Many patients do not think about what is dangerous hemorrhoids.But this disease is, alas, is fraught with dangerous consequences, which will help protect against only the early diagnosis and treatment.So do not be afraid and ashamed of his visit to an experienced proctologist, because only he will be able to establish the correct diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment.

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