How to get rid of depression without drugs ?

In the modern and mobile world in all respects a man, especially in years and the elderly, may appear a feeling as useless, worthless, or abandonment, supposedly, misunderstanding his society, the impossibility of incorporating it into this reality.Such a man begins to gradually withdraw into themselves, become depressed, a growing sense of inner anxiety.

situation worsens further over time, and if you do not take serious and urgent measures - people may simply be lost to society, and worse - to commit suicide, die.In fact, the older a person becomes, the more he begins to perceive all: the gap from the frantic pace of life, lack of understanding of modern principles of life, the emergence of new technologies «high teck», etc.Work nowhere and can not be at full strength for health reasons, to retire and too much can not be relied on, the children and grandchildren grew up, narrowed to limit apartments usual and their constant care is no longer necessary, personal life, or, at best, a garden ...

Understandablythat the possibility of falling into a state of depression depends on the human nervous system that he or sanguine choleric by nature, in any environmental conditions or the environment in which he lives, what is the direct and reverse connection of the person with the outside world.

One - finds the internal forces that oppose something, change or somehow brighter and richer satiate your inner world, to do some useful trade, go for social work, etc.Other - continuing a close and then, waving his hand at all, without taking any measures to get out of this state.All of these negative feelings are summed up and one simply gets into the arms of the disease, in other words - ill.

catalyst for such a state can be some inherent in man, the body the disease, especially if it is not treatable.All that's grounds for such additional and severe illness, like depression.In other words, as the disease is called anymore.And like any disease - it should be easy to treat.Treatment by a doctor - it is quite natural.Receiving soothing medicines and herbal infusions is useful and necessary.But this one will be too small.Depression - is darkness in the mind within.You just need to "fire" a bright light inside, step towards its temporarily lost health.Inner Light will be lit on the presence of optimism and love of life, of faith and hope in a successful way out of depression.

What is possible in this case to try to help yourself?Just finding ways to exit the vicious circle of loneliness and depression.Rejoice each passing day, the success of their children and grandchildren, the white light and the sun, summer and winter, rain and snow, birds and animals, love them!

Gradually, you will not even notice how, joy and positive force out of your soul sadness and depression all negative.Be sure to lead an active way of your life as possible Arrange to some it is easy to work, even low paid, go fishing or stroll in the forest, to the cinema or just to friends, to communicate more.Yes, it is difficult - to force myself to get up off the couch, but be aware that it is necessary only to you and nobody else.

If you are a woman and admire him, as a young man in front of a mirror, take care of themselves as before, and if you're a man - again prove it acts, it is so!Will return a sense of youth and accomplishment of joy that made today what yesterday was out of the question.Only in this way - gradually, albeit step by a day, but only on and on.

Believe - will come once a day, you will feel the futility of your past life depressed, and even become a bit of a shame for lost time.You feel that you have gone somewhere sadness and disbelief, and came to the belief in a good future and just the joy of knowing that you did it yourself, then you have won yourself.

And it will be your great success!Health and good luck to all!

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