Psychology of the disease and how to avoid becoming a client pharmacy

you ever wondered why some people the lion's share of family or personal budget is left in pharmacies, while others sometimes do not know where is the nearest pharmacy?Some people become a walking medical encyclopedia, for others the disease - the phenomenon of abnormal and out of the ordinary?

heredity, immunity, ecology, nutrition, healthy lifestyle - all this, of course, important factors influencing human health.And yet, to be more observant, something in these arguments about health is not completely "fused".Why a woman breastfeeding a newborn feeding, becomes almost impenetrable immunity, although recently experienced a stressful situation childbirth, and before delivery did not differ special health?Why war soldiers, being sometimes in inhumane conditions, wet, cold and hungry, almost never sick?

Why is descended from an alcoholic, about a healthy lifestyle, which can not be considered, a very long time literally bounce off any disease as long as alcohol is not finish until the end of their "d

irty work", completely destroying the liver or kidneys?What unites these are different situations?I would venture to suggest - none of these people in their situations do not care about their health.Mother grudnichka all their attention and care giving newborn.The soldier, risking at any moment to die from a bullet, will be afraid to pick up the flu or a cold?Well, alcoholic, for obvious reasons, is more concerned about the next dose than about health.

What follows from this?Do we not need to worry about your health?I would have to start offered to do a very simple thing - to replace the verb "take care" for a few old-fashioned word "oblige."And is included in the concept of "oblige about their health," all such healthy activities as a proper diet, engaging in sports or exercise, fresh air, tempering, and the like.You see the difference?Caring involves excitement and even fear.Think about health, rather than disease.The human body is programmed for health and has at its disposal a set of "antivirus", when it comes to modern man understandable language of computers.Fear of the disease blocks these programs, opening access to various diseases.Many contribute to this TV and other media.They literally bombed our brain information about various diseases and medicines.Many well-earned on our illnesses, and timid attempts to ban advertising of drugs is not met less resistance than a ban on alcohol advertising and tobacco products.

Physicians and scientists no longer question the powerful and direct influence our thought processes on the physical condition of the body.Numerous experiments proved, for example, the so-called "placebo effect" when patients under the guise of potent drugs were given "dummy pill", which has a therapeutic effect comparable to the effect of these drugs.This category can be attributed to numerous cases of "miraculous" healings of the most serious, including fatal, diseases.In everyday life, we unconsciously use the same effect, only in the opposite direction.

For example, long before the flu epidemic we strongly informed of its inevitability, even indicating specific timing and magnitude.Statistical data on the continuous growth of cardiovascular, cancer and other serious diseases that threaten our lives, lead to a state of panic.What is already talking about minor illnesses, which have become constant companions, even many young people, which in this age is unnatural even think about some sort of "sores"!

This young lady has not said that she does not like, for example, milk.No, she had an allergy to milk!At this age, they perfectly understand how to use the pills to get rid of a headache, lower or raise the pressure, calm nerves, and the like.Their home kits resemble, at least, "an alarming suitcase" ambulance doctor.This would be funny if it were not so sad.After all, such an attitude to diseases they carry and to the next generation, with infants "stuffing" their children for any reason, a variety of pills and potions.Is this not the main root of health problems the current generation of children of preschool and school age with all the achievements of modern medicine?

The human body has a huge reserve of strength and able to cope with almost any adverse external influences.Radeyte health, be always moving, active and in a good mood!You are made to be healthy and enjoy life, and no disease you are not afraid!

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