Common errors in the provision of emergency medical care ?

Everyone has knowledge of first aid, and do not care who gave him this knowledge.Of course, in most cases, this knowledge is nothing more than a bunch of rumors, do not bring in the long run some benefit, and vice versa, bringing causing great harm to the victim's health.

For example, everyone knows that in the normal turn, need to splint.Many probably imagined bus as two sticks, and ideally shtaketiny from the fence.And when the person who wants to help the victim, put into practice their knowledge and provide assistance, the victim is not happy that his leg tied to want a piece of the fence.And it turns out that you need to fix the leg is in the position in which it will be convenient to the victim.The essence of the tire overlay in the immobilization of the body part that is damaged.Usually the leg is in a half-bent position, and some certainly do not think about it.

Here are the ten most common mistakes in first aid, on them you can make fun of course, but it is better still to remember them.

human life, which has suffered far more important than your own

This misconception is very strong way stuck in the heads of our older generation and the blame directly literature, cinema, and the ideology of the Soviet era.At the time, praised the heroism and self-sacrifice too much.Of course, all these human qualities are very important, and sometimes even necessary.But in the modern world on the streets, in the woods and can naprirode this heroism will cost lives and the victim and rescuer.

For example, the car flew into the power line pole.The driver is unconscious, talk it me, it touches them and falls to the ground, followed by the second - the result is the same.As a result of living in a car driver who is unconscious, and next to it the saviors of heroes.A first aid and lifeguard nobody called.Rule: first you need to evaluate what could threaten your life, and then for the life of the victim.Because no matter how it might sound dramatically, but one corpse is better than a few.

The most important thing to get the victim

Consider all the same traffic accidents.As in our country usually it happens: at that time, when the ambulance and rescue workers arrive at the scene of an accident, all the victims have put a row in the shade and relax.At that time, how to deliver the victims, rescuers "volunteers" do not think about how to be careful to do it, and pull the arms and legs, and in general for all, for what can only pull, thereby causing even a lot more damage, possibly moreserious than they were.A person could easily sit in the car and wait for rescuers, who carefully removed it and put on a stretcher, and then transferred to the doctors.It could take just half goals in a hospital, and again he was able to stand on their feet, but no permanent disability due to voluntary rescuers.

witness Actions shall be as follows: saw, called rescue, ambulance, disabled from a damaged car battery with the intent to avoid the ignition of spilled gasoline, isolate the scene if there is bleeding, then stop it, and to talk with the victims before arrivalrescuers.The injured person simply need to maintain a conversation, important to show that to him showing concern.To pull the victim out of the car need only if the omission could cause more harm than action.If suddenly the car caught fire, but in this case we can neglect the injuries of the victim.

put language on the collar

know this expression?In the army, there is an individual package for first aid, the list it includes a pin, it is designed to pierce the tongue of the victim to the collar, if the victim is unconscious, so he can not sink down into the airways.This pin is often necessary to apply in such cases.You can imagine what the person who comes to mind with the language on the collar?Of course, unconscious language sinks spontaneously, and it is necessary to know and try to deal with it.

If you try to get a person out of his mouth language, it would be not as easy it may seem at first glance.Language slippery and leave him stretched quite problematic, and not hygienic.To prevent overlapping of the respiratory tract and the tongue is very simple, you only need to turn the human side.So you need to do, and with sleeping drunks on the street, even though it is quite unknown, it is possible to relieve the poor man from the two dangers that threaten his life, namely to prevent the overlap language of the respiratory tract, and choking vomit.But it happens sometimes that the victim can not be rotated to one side if it has a damaged spine, in which case you need to tilt the head back and to the security of the airways will be enough.

Overlay neck harness

harness in special situations, it may be applied to the neck, as if it did not look amazing.Wiring should overlap precisely with the simultaneous capture of hands.Almost everyone is familiar with the wiring, it is in almost every home in the medicine cabinet or in the car.And of course so all-knowing comrades at every deep cuts immediately harness the limb.And as it turns out, in practice, most even have the knowledge that summer time should be permitted zhgutovaniya 2 hours, and in the winter only 1.

Many even know that the color of blood in the veins is much darker than the arterial.But sometimes it turns out that on arrival at the hospital, doctors can no longer save the limb, it is only due to the fact that deep, but it is not life-threatening cut, a tourniquet was applied.It is important to know that a tourniquet should be used only to stop the blood pressure.How is it distinguished from venous?This is difficult to do, especially under stress.Very easy to make a mistake, but to distinguish between these two types is possible.

translate our normal blood pressure in the atmosphere, it can happen if rounded, 1.5 atmosphere.Imagine a small tube with a very small hole in it, and what pressure will come from it water under the pressure of 1.5 atmospheres.That is the height of "Fountain" and the power head can determine the kind of error without bleeding.If arterial bleeding, then you can not wait, do not be distracted by the search for harness, lifting belt.

human life goes with every second.It is necessary to hold an artery that can make even a finger, in the place where the artery passes closest to the surface of the body, such as the armpits or groin.Only after the bleeding stops, you should try to tighten the tourniquet and the victim to a hospital immediately.Wiring should be apply over clothing, in order that his doctors would immediately saw.Also, be sure to write a note, which will indicate a time when a tourniquet was applied, it is better to write with black marker, and you can still write on the forehead of the victim.

with venous bleeding, everything looks easy, fairly simple bandage, but it is important that it be tightened very tight, nothing to worry about if it is soaked with blood, you can tie it again, the doctor will determine the thickness of the dressing on how CROI lost.

grease burns oil

The human body consists of water by 80%, it has many properties, and one of them is the heat capacity, namely the ability to keep the warmth.What happens to a man when he gets a burn?

gets on the skin surface of a certain amount of thermal energy that passes through the skin into the body, and tissue cells leave the power in himself.Logically, after the burn should be - cool.As usual, many do, that is, put a place that has been damaged by the cold water and so keep a couple of minutes until the pain will pass, then treated the place with sunflower oil, yogurt, or ointment Panthenol.During this short time, only a small part of the heat can get out, and the rest of the heat remains inside the tissue, well closed its thermal pad, which will only aggravate the burn.A need was something, just to cool the injured area in cold water for 10 minutes longer, and the effect would be quite different.

Rub frostbite nose at

The Russian winter is very cold, so every resident threatens to frostbite.Surely each faced with frostbite, as the cold quickly freezes in the nose, ears, cheeks, arms and legs.And of course the first thing is always rubbed all the body parts that frostbite, then it will start to hurt.Why is this happening?

It's pretty simple.The human body, one can imagine a system of wires and small tubes.Prolonged exposure to cold, and the tubes were frozen in their blood does not circulate in the body and become brittle provodochki.When we rub the chilblain, we destroy and break all these tubes with wires, thus causing serious harm to our body.As an example we give a bottle of beer frozen in the freezer, if the bottle to put immediately in the heat, it is easy to crack, what's going on with our vessels.You must try not to rub, and slowly heat the chilblain.If that's right to do it and the consequences of frostbite will be minimal and the pain will not be strong.If

worried chills - you need to keep warm

When a person is at high temperature, the body is hot and chilly.He wants only one thing, to keep warm, wrapped in a blanket.But no one knows that warm so not only very harmful but also very dangerous for human life.When a person has a fever, which means that the temperature is above 38 degrees and increases further.The body must be cool, but on the contrary, he wraps up in a blanket, trying to get warm.There are cases of death due to wrong actions.When a person has a fever, you need to take a cool bath or sponging to make wet, can also cover yourself with a light blanket.By doing so, you can see that the temperature bamnogo asleep faster.


Many do not know that the crystals of potassium permanganate can completely dissolve in water only at a temperature above 70 degrees.

Make a solution of potassium permanganate, not only does not make sense, but also very dangerous.Crystals of potassium permanganate can cause great harm to the stomach.If a person needs to clean the stomach, just need to drink about five cups of boiled water and induce vomiting.

pat on the back

When a person is choking something, he coughs so that it seems that just coughed up the lungs.Everyone who is close to him, just for some reason, the instinct is triggered pat friend back.And why do so?If you look at this issue from the point of view of science, that such action is not something that would help, but rather exacerbate the situation.If we imagine the drain pipe and throw it for example, cat.When we knock on the imaginary stick pipe, whether it will lead to the fact that the cat will fly out of the chimney up?

man who choked in 99% of cases he cleared his throat.Helping him do not need to, even if he asks, you just have to comfort him, to tell him to do a couple of slow inhalation and strong exhalation, and to recommend him to lean forward when you exhale to the downspout is horizontal.The piece, which was stuck, he will fly completely painless.

sure to unclench his teeth man

wonder where the majority there is the belief that in a fit of epilepsy, a person needs to unclench his teeth and insert something in between?And how surprised epileptics, when they came to himself after the attack, they will find that their mouth full of plastic from ballpoint pens or pieces own the teeth.

not need anything to shove the man in the mouth.This myth went, probably due to the fact that supposedly there is a possibility that during the attack the victim may bite his tongue.So, it never will.During an attack of epilepsy, all human muscles tense, and the language is also a muscle and just like that it can not fall out.Of course, it may happen that during the attack the man bite his tongue tip.But it created a terrible scene when the foam is mixed with the blood of it, and most likely went myths about the likelihood of biting language.If assistance is necessary to kneel down near the man's head and hold it so that it does not hit the ground.And when the convulsions run and come 2nd phase of attack - it's a dream, it is necessary to turn the head to one side, as in a dream the muscles relax and the tongue too, and he can sink.

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