Symptoms of anorexia have pronounced

According to statistics, about 90% of the inhabitants of our planet are not satisfied with their appearance, often nebezukoriznennymi forms.At the same time many people have big problems with being overweight are observed.Of course, well, when a person is engaged in sport and adheres to the "right" food.

But quite another thing, if the desire to "reset" the weight turns into an obsession that can "cause" fatal.Your attention is a psychological disease of anorexia.

Symptoms of anorexia

Anorexia accompanied by intense fear of obesity, because traced 'unhealthy' desire to lose weight.At the same time there is a distorted perception of their shape and even when weight gain occurs.

can identify the main symptoms:

  1. panic to recover;
  2. progressive weight loss;
  3. sleep disturbance;
  4. maintaining minimal weight, no matter how low he may be;
  5. constant feeling of fullness, especially in certain parts of the body;
  6. guilt when taking food;
  7. way of eating: to share food into small pieces and eat standing;
  8. depression and complete isolation from the society.

In consequence of the above the given symptoms manifested as physiological signs of anorexia: the constant feeling of cold, pale skin, weakness, menstrual disorders, arrhythmias and muscle spasms.It should be noted that the first signs of anorexia - is increased irritability, persistent resentment against others, and unreasonable anger.

As a rule, the disease suffers from the female half of the population.90% of patients - a girl aged 15-25 years, and the remaining 10% consists of older women and men.Every "extra" 100 gr.weight they perceive as a defeat and bringing irreparable obesity, but a piece of uneaten food is considered to be contrary victory over himself.

People ill with anorexia achieve weight loss in two ways:

  1. Cleansing the body: with the help of an enema, gastric lavage and artificially provoked vomiting after eating.
  2. restrictions, ieweight loss due to a hard diet and reduce the amount of food intake, and excessive exercise.

Symptoms of anorexia can occur under the influence of the following factors:

  • biological, ie,genetic predisposition;
  • social, ie,the influence of the surrounding society: expectations and imitation (particularly diet);
  • psychological, ie, internal conflicts and the influence of the family.

It is important to emphasize the fact that anorexia nervosa syndrome is a serious psychological and medical problem that can lead to dangerous complications.At the first sign of the disease should be referred to a psychologist.

Symptoms of anorexia nervosa usually have pronounced: dizziness, severe weakness, menstrual dysfunction, damaged blood vessels on the face, the erosion of tooth enamel (because of frequent vomiting), weight loss, lowering blood pressure and heart rate.Likewise, there is a disorder of the thyroid gland, disturbance of the secretion of growth hormone and vasopressin, gonadotropin and cortisol.

With long-term course of the disease can disrupt electrolyte balance of the body.Such a violation is caused by deficiency of sodium and potassium.In some cases, muscle spasms can be traced, and even cardiac arrest.

Treatment of anorexia

Treatment of anorexia in the first place involves the family and individual psychotherapy.In severe cases, hospitalization is needed even, force-feeding and medication.

As with any disease, the treatment of anorexia nervosa is best to start as early as possible, ie,until irreversible change in an organism (depletion).

is important to note that the disease is treatable quite hard, since its symptoms and causes are complex.In many cases, the "fight" more than a year out with anorexia.Along with the death from anorexia is 20%.

Of course, just knowing the origins can begin to effective anorexia treatment.

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