Ophthalmology : the treatment of retinal angiopathy

significant part of pathologies in ophthalmology is the result of diseases that are not as not related to the organs of sight.Therefore, treatment of retinal angiopathy eyes should be carried out taking into account the reasons causing them.

morphology of eye

body view of a man is difficult arranged set of tissues and cells.Their main function is to ensure the perception of light photons.That is, the eye is the only organ of vision.Which provides a 3/5 of all the information received from the outside.

basis of the eye is an eyeball.It consists of the following elements.

  • Vitreous.The largest part of the volume.Filled with transparent gelatinous liquid.It provides rectilinear propagation of light.
  • cornea.The front part of the body.Consists of a transparent epithelium covers the eye and the outside, having direct contact with the environment.
  • accommodation apparatus.This ciliary body, the iris and the pupil.They provide an adjustment of the photon flux.
  • Skins eyes.Surround the vitreous from one edg
    e of the cornea around the eye to the other edge of the cornea.Inside is an accumulation of the endings of nerve cells called the retina.Outdoor presented numerous vessels.They provide the power of all the eyes.It choroid.

Besides all the above there is an additional device.Its purpose is to ensure the enforcement of normal functioning.This includes the tear glands, muscles, ligaments, and eyes, as well as ever and fiber.

Vascular pathology of the eye: the characteristic

All eye disease can be divided into two broad categories.This is directly related to the eyes and is not related to him, but which lead to violations of their functions.The latter category refers angiopathy.

pathogenesis of disorders in angiopathy begins with changes in the vascular wall.It all depends on the cause.Therefore, changes may occur relatively quickly or relatively slowly.In the first case - hours.In the last - years and decades.

Violation intima leads to a change in blood flow.This immediately affects the state of all parts of the body.But just before the retina begins to suffer.As for the normal functioning of nerve cells require a high level of metabolism.The main role is played here by the blood supply.After that, in most cases, there are major symptoms retinal angiopathy.

All signs of the pathogen have the same character in all its causes.Because changes begin on vascular levels.Only traumatic angiopathy different rate of growth clinics.

Causes and clinical picture of vascular pathologies

all causes leading to angiopathy share, depending on the factors affecting the eye vessels.

  • Traumatic angiopathy.Developed as a result of vascular congestion.It occurs as a result of violations of the basic ways of the blood supply to the eye.This head, neck and chest.Naturally, we are talking about the trauma department data.Pathology Clinic develops quickly enough.
  • hypertensive angiopathy associated with high blood pressure.Main pathogenetic vascular changes are the result of their constant hemodynamic overload and associated atherosclerosis.The clinical picture develops over a long period, depending on the nature of the flow itself hypertension.
  • Diabetic vascular pathology.Similar hypertensive disease on development time.But the main negative operating factors are atherosclerosis and metabolic blood disorders.Hypotonic
  • causes vascular pathology encountered with continuous lowering blood pressure in the vessels.It can have a local character, touching only the blood supply to the eye and surrounding areas, as well as the system.But the picture of the disease is always the same.

For all non-traumatic causes of the development of disease is characterized by a relatively long latency period.There is practically not observed any significant changes.The patient did not complain.Therefore, the diagnosis of retinal angiopathy such patients often exhibited at a specialized study.

first signs of pathology is loss of vision. That it draws attention to the patient.In some patients of the visual perception is seen in the presence of the veil before the eyes.For others - reducing its severity.Simultaneously or somewhat later joins increased eye fatigue.At the height of the stage pathology vision deteriorates significantly and the final patient has a complete loss of it.

Principles of treatment

establish the cause of the disease affects the way how to treat retinal angiopathy.And the methods may be divided into two categories.

  • "Local".Are used directly to affect the vessels of the eye.They are designed to improve his circulation and reduce violations of eye membranes.These medications include: mildronat, taufon, emoksipin, trental, vizin, solkoseril, diakrb, and others.Under indications of the therapy of opportunistic diseases.It is invaluable taufon.In the event of traumatic disorders of choroid possibly even surgery.Besides medicines are widely used various methods of surgery and laser therapy.
  • "General" aimed at the immediate causes angiopathy.In hypertensive necessarily antihypertensive therapy.Diabetes involves use sahorosnizhayuschih agents (insulin, biguanides, sulfonylurea, and others.) And a special diet.For the treatment of angiopathy in the background of atherosclerosis appointed lipid-lowering drugs.Hypotonic eyes vascular pathology can require even surgery.
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