Causes and classification of wheezing in the bronchi of children and adults

One of the most common changes in the functioning of the respiratory system - wheezing in the bronchi.The appearance of wheezing can not be ignored - while breathing appear specific noise created by passing air through the mass spastic portions of the respiratory system, or respiratory congestion tree secretions (sputum).

Physiologically wheezing may be two reasons for the appearance - this accumulation of fluid in the bronchi or modify the surface of the mucous membranes.And then, another phenomenon leads to a change in the movement of air flow during breathing and touching it with obstacles in the form of a liquid or a seal on the bronchial mucosa.

What wheezing in the bronchi are?

wheezing in the bronchi in nature and cause of the appearance are divided into wet and dry.As separately distinguish finely, medium and large bubbling rale bubble in the bronchi, their sounds resemble bubbling carbonated beverages when pouring into a glass.

Do not forget that, regardless of their specific type, tick

le in the bronchi is always only a symptom of other, more serious diseases.Even if other signs of sickness does not occur, the appearance of wheezing is to establish the cause of this phenomenon and to begin a comprehensive treatment - modern medicine has huge potential for evaluation of patients with respiratory diseases.

best way to listen to wheezing in the bronchi can be on the inspiratory phase.An experienced doctor can tell a lot about the extent of damage or filled bronchi fluid or mucus on the volume and nature seeps.Even in this situation, the diagnosis "by ear" is considered a conditional examination, since a significant role in the character played by wheezing breathing human ability - people hear differently, and rely solely on auscultation (listening) light is not necessary.

Before answering the question of how to treat wheezing in the bronchi, is to establish the cause of their appearance.Crackles occur due to accumulation of mucus in the bronchi or blood.The reason for the appearance of wheezes may be a tumor, localized swelling or swelling of the bronchial mucosa tissue site, the deformation of the body breathing in some diseases or injuries.Rattling never occur in a healthy person, and their occurrence should prompt the patient to immediately seek professional medical help.

How is the follow-up treatment

first step in the fight against wheezing - a cleansing of the bronchi by mucus.For drainage of sputum are advised to take appropriate expectorant drugs, and you can try some traditional recipes based on herbs and foods.

much more effective treatment of wheezing will take place with the full smoking cessation, limited contact with possible allergens enter the body through the respiratory tract, toxic substances that irritate the bronchial tubes receptors.The warm compresses and inhalation (drugs or decoctions of plants) can be used as additional activities.

If sputum thick, before the search for the answer to the question of how to clean the bronchi, should achieve its liquefaction.To achieve this, it is important to drink plenty of fluids and to comply with sparing regimen.Rattling in the bronchi require special treatment, but do not forget about the underlying disease and the general increase in immunity.

establish the exact cause of the noise when breathing can be, passed medical examination and x-rays of the respiratory system.To accelerate the recovery process, regardless of the specific diagnosis, it is possible observing mode, resting enough, keeping proper nutrition system.You can also use additional recreational activities, perfect for breathing exercises bronchi.

If independently engage in breathing exercises you are lazy, you can buy in a pharmacy special simulator, which develops respiratory system.Develop bad lungs and bronchi as certain types of exercise, and even the inflation of a balloon or a conventional children's ball.But to play sports is not recommended during periods of emergence of viral infections and exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Treat wheezing in the bronchi of children

wheezing in the bronchi of the child often appear as a complication of common respiratory diseases like bronchitis and pneumonia.In the event of any breaches of the functioning of the respiratory system in children urgently need to show the child to the doctor and get more advice and treatment recommendations.

Often it also happens that the underlying condition successfully cured and vultures in the bronchi remain.Such symptoms may be seen in patients of any age, but more often in children.

If there are no other symptoms of dry and scratchy bronchi preserved without coughing, most likely, no cause for concern.You can continue to do inhalation, take vitamins and keep track of the diet variety, normally wheezing may persist for up to 2-3 weeks after the acute illness - during which time the bronchi must purify yourself, swelling of the mucous - pass.

To prevent noise when breathing should try to avoid infections and colds, which can lead to the formation of sputum, and changes in the relief of the bronchial mucosa.In the season of epidemics is with caution to visit places with large concentrations of people, wearing gauze bandages to prevent hypothermia.

If contamination does occur, treatment should begin with the very first day, before consulting a doctor it is worth more time to rest, drink hot drinks, you can also apply the medication without a prescription, in accordance with the symptoms.If the goal - cleansing the bronchi by mucus, requires reception expectorants drugs for the treatment of manifestations of rhinitis need a nasal drop, high temperature, respectively, it is necessary to shoot down antipyretics, but do not try to consume in one day the whole range of pharmacy.The more quickly and accurately will be cured by the underlying disease, the sooner will and wheezing in the bronchi, and the patient recovers completely.

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