Anorexia Treatment - do not miss the time!

What is anorexia?The word is Greek and means "lack of desire to eat."The disease with symptoms more common in X I I century in the writings of Avicenna.The first description of it given in R. Morton X V I I century.Only the name he had - "nervous consumption".

thoroughly studying anorexia nervosa began in the X I X century.Two scientists completely independently published articles about anorexia.This Gall and Lasegue.Gall calls the disease anorexia nervous, and Lasegue - mental anorexia.What is the cause of this disease?In the medical literature, they identified a number.

What rooted causes of the disease?

1.Nervno-psychiatric disorders:

  • fear;
  • insecurity;
  • heavy loss, for example, a loved one;
  • internal conflicts.

2. Social reasons:

  • influence others;
  • cult of thinness in the society;
  • desire to be like an idol.

3. Biological reasons:

  • metabolic disorder;
  • diseases of the digestive system;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • oncology;
  • chronic pain;
  • oral diseases;
  • fever.


anorexia nervosa The first stage occurs at the time when you decide that thick.And then begin the experience, often baseless: how they treat me, laugh at me.Next worse - daily weighing.Then we cease to have a high-calorie foods.But the appetite is still there.During the day we did not eat at night, while everyone was asleep, quietly krad—Ďmsya to the refrigerator.

Probably, those who once sat on a diet, the situation is familiar.But many, fortunately, on this and stop.If you are at this stage is not stopped, it means that you will find next.

second stage.Now you already know for sure: I - thick!To approach the mirror the day many times to even see this.Enthusiasm to weight loss is huge.However, all this hiding.Weight Loss secret.More eat.But after dinner, we feel remorse.To tormented conscience, induce vomiting.Few vomiting!We still enema, can be laxative, diuretic.

Now conscience is clear: to lose weight did everything.And here I came up and the third stage.

third stage.Appetite is not, even if we will eat something, then everything goes down the toilet reflexively.Food already hate.Externally similar to dystrophic: no fat, muscle, too.Ethnicity - not for the faint of heart: the skin flabby, dry, spoiled teeth, nails are broken, the hair falls out.But that is not all.

body temperature is reduced, the pressure also, pulse less and less, less often ... develops degeneration of the heart muscle, gastritis, omitted some of the internal organs.Yes, even amenorrhea.You move less and less.Even in summer you freezes.And there comes to mind a brilliant idea: it's time to visit a physician or a gastroenterologist.Though now it will only shrink.If such a thought came, it has a chance to survive.And if not, then this is - death.If you do decide to change something, then move on to the topic of the treatment of anorexia.

How to treat anorexia

For those patients who have anorexia caused biological causes, the problem is solved because the treatment of anorexia.First of all, you need to find out the reason.Then turn to the person who can fix it.This is either the therapist or the gastroenterologist or endocrinologist, and so on. D.

And for those with anorexia caused by neuro-psychiatric disorders, the problem with the condition of the treatment of anorexia is solved as follows.

appeal to a psychiatrist and a psychologist can.Tune in to the fact that the treatment of anorexia nervosa require long decision.

Sometimes complete rehabilitation takes several years.Prepare to be possible that treatment only in a hospital.If you listen to the doctors and be able to gain a day at least 200 grams, then the reward you may be out of the Chamber, meeting with relatives.Sometimes used in the treatment of anorexia tube feeding.Let us dwell on this important aspect of the treatment as food anorexia.

What it from itself represents:

  • Feeding fraction - 5-6 times a day;
  • products are introduced gradually, one at a time in the day.
  • 1 day - one - two crackers;
  • Day 2 - add fruit such as applesauce;
  • 3 day - a puree of boiled vegetables (carrots, beets);
  • 4 day - vegetable soups;
  • 5 day - fish souffle,
  • 6 day - porridge;
  • of sweets can be dark chocolate;
  • all this - on the background of drug treatment.

If the patient categorically does not want to eat, then, as mentioned above, it can be fed through a tube.If there is persistent vomiting reflex, then add special food preparations, and before gavage also atropine.

But, of course, the most important thing in the treatment - it is psychological support, help in solving problems.If you start to add weight and he was stabilized, then you have to outpatient treatment.But the possible recurrence of the disease.And then - the hospital again.

In general, of all people with anorexia, recovering only half.And at 2% - as the complications of obesity can occur.The same problem, which then have to be addressed.And if you ever come to mind bright idea that you - fat or fat and decide to lose weight, think about it: you want it?

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