The main causes , and acute bronchitis symptoms

Acute bronchitis - is one of the most common diseases of the respiratory system, which complicates the course of SARS during the outbreaks.

clinical picture of the disease is manifested in inflammation of the bronchi of shells, first of all - with the formation of inflammatory mucosal secretions (sputum).

Symptoms of acute bronchitis may be different, but always - a cough caused by the defeat of the bronchi and accumulations of mucus in them.

disease aggravated against the background of any type of allergies, infectious diseases and acute catarrhal phenomena.

The main symptoms of acute bronchitis

In this disease, the cough may be either dry or wet.Cases when eventually cough one species transforms into another.The first days of acute bronchitis may occur without coughing almost like a trivial viral infection of the upper respiratory tract.

infected person may feel some fatigue, weakness, chest tightness.But after a few days, coughing and wheezing, noticeable when breathing, still appear, and

their causes are attempting to clean the bronchi by expectoration.

Enough common today question - whether acute bronchitis contagious?The exact answer to this question does not exist, since it is not always possible to clearly establish the true cause of disease recurrence.

Esliosnovnaya bolezni- cause of an allergic reaction to regular inhalation of harmful substances, infected by ailing man is almost impossible.

If the cough appeared after the temperature and on the background of the manifestations of rhinitis, in communication with the patient is to comply with reasonable care - the likelihood of the transmission of acute respiratory tract viral infection there.

In cases where the patient has acute bronchitis occurs - pathogenesis associated largely with physical processes (localized swelling of the bronchial mucosa).

The inflammatory process is a swelling of the mucous membranes of the bronchi, and much less likely to affect the muscle layer of the bronchi - after the swelling and the development of a limited swelling of the affected bronchus begins copious mucous masses.

By its composition, they are significantly different from the normal secretion of the bronchi, and its accumulation causes abnormal muscle contraction, and which can be seen in the form of the appearance of cough.

differences of acute and chronic forms

not confuse acute and chronic bronchitis When the diagnosis.Chronic disease is characterized by annual exacerbations, with months may be needed to eliminate its symptoms.

Acute bronchitis is the same - a single disease in the successful treatment of which soon you can forget about it, and subject to the simple rules of prevention and did never remember.

But at the same acute catarrhal bronchitis can also have more serious symptoms than wet cough.Cases formation of purulent sputum.In the absence of appropriate treatment, may result in partial blockage of the upper bronchi, stagnation of phlegm.

The dangerous disease?

Acute bronchitis can always develop into a more serious respiratory illness.The most common complication - chronic bronchitis.

but not rare cases when the disease becomes pneumonia or respiratory failure.Common complications of acute bronchitis caused by allergies - asthma.

Even uncomplicated acute bronchitis is able to permanently deprive the patient's health.Bouts of coughing exhausting significantly complicate breathing and disrupt oxygen exchange.

In the absence of viral diseases for this reason may appear weakness and fatigue.Despite the fact that even doctors are often arguing that the disease is contagious or not, ill advised to limit contact with healthy people.

the greatest degree it concerns communication with persons who are at risk and who have a weak immune system.

main cause of the disease and prevention

In order to reduce to a minimum the likelihood of the disease need to take care of their own immunity.It is much more useful than to check empirically whether contagious acute bronchitis, to minimize the chance of infection - how to spend less time in public places during epidemics.

To help prevent this disease and diet will help - you need to provide the body with the necessary amount of liquid and vitamins.In cold weather, you need to also minimize the risk of colds.

To do this, avoid hypothermia, perform sogrevatelnye event immediately after coming home from the street, as much as possible to spend time tempering.If the first symptoms of a cold or viral diseases have emerged, measures should be taken without delay.

means treating symptoms should pick up accordingly, but it is worth remembering that the doctor's advice does not hurt, even in acute bronchitis - a doctor after the examination will becoming diagnosis and treatment, which can effectively eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

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