What hydradenitis , treatments and ways of its diagnosis ?

hydradenitis falls into the category of diseases which are accompanied by a rather unpleasant symptoms.This disease affects the sweat glands, causing them purulent inflammation.The most common ailment affects armpits.In rare cases, the disease affects other areas of the body where there are many sweat glands.For example, hydradenitis may occur in the anal area and labia majora.

emergence of hidradenitis sup- provokes enhanced sweating.In addition, the cause of the disease can also be ignoring the rules of personal hygiene and itching dermatosis.It is worth noting that in most cases hydradenitis redness of the skin in the affected areas, and a strong discomfort.

symptoms and course of the disease

most pronounced symptom of the patient education is hidradenitis sup- seal in the armpit, clicking on which there are painful sensations.With the development of the disease increases the size of the seal.If visual examination of the affected area no noticeable signs of disease, and lung tumors is determine

d only by palpation.

The same painful seals develop in other areas affected by the disease.Failure to comply with the rules of personal intimate hygiene may cause hidradenitis sup- in the area of ​​the labia majora.Logically, hydradenitis groin treatment is not carried out in a timely manner, it can lead to serious complications.

In the absence of disease prevention at the first appearance of symptoms such hydradenitis continue to evolve.The signs of the disease should also be considered a permanent feeling unwell, weak and passive state, soreness.Occasionally there is a fever and frequent headache when hydradenitis.

characterized by a more intense manifestation of its symptoms for further stages of the disease - affected areas become red.The location of the seal significantly inflamed skin.In the course of the disease is manifested tumor in which there are pathological processes.

As the disease progresses, the seal is softened and then it emits an abnormal purulent contents.Of course, it is better not to bring the disease to the point and see a doctor much earlier.

Treatment and prevention of diseases

Upon detection at the first symptoms of such diseases as hydradenitis treatment should be carried out immediately in order to prevent the transition of the disease into a chronic form.Chronic hydradenitis characterized by a prolonged course and requires treatment by surgery.Allow to develop the disease after it discovered the first symptoms - is unacceptable.

after onset of clinical signs of the disease, should consult a doctor.Pretty good effect is given antibiotics for hydradenitis, but the specific drugs can be prescribed only specialist.Never use any medication without a doctor's prescription.When diagnosing such diseases as hydradenitis - antibiotics from the group of sulfonamides is a standard procedure that is not only able to stop the progression of the disease, but also to prevent its transition into a chronic relapsing form.

In the chronic form of the disease, in addition to antibiotics are also prescribed to the patient bracing means and specific immune therapy.Local uses dry heat and UHF.Pretty good effect is observed when injecting infiltrate an antibiotic solution in novocaine.More details to learn about how to treat hydradenitis possible to consult a doctor.

If hydradenitis is at the stage of formation of an abscess, the patient operative treatment.Under the surgery here it means opening the abscess by a small incision on the surface of the affected area.This treatment prevents the spread of purulent inflammation and the development of more serious complications.

To prevent hidradenitis sup- enough to follow a few simple rules.In the first place, to avoid cuts in the armpits and observe good personal hygiene.In addition, the disease can be triggered by the remnants of anti-perspirant, so it is recommended to wash them in the evening and leave the skin clean at night.

Methods of Treatment folk remedies

There are quite effective ways to treat hidradenitis sup- folk, but their use is recommended only in the initial stage of the disease.For example, good results are obtained by a compress of sour cream cake, which is made up of sour cream, rye and wheat flour.This cake should be applied to the affected area at night until the symptoms disappear.After the procedure, the affected area should be cleaned with alcohol.

should be noted that with this disease - treatment at home can not give the desired effect.In this case, you must consult your doctor, who will select the more effective methods of treatment and prescribe certain medications, if necessary.

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