Symptoms and treatment of such diseases as hydradenitis under his arm

hydradenitis or "bitch udder" - a purulent inflammation of the sweat glands.It develops most hydradenitis under his arm, much less it is observed around the nipple or in the genital area and the anus.

Causes and symptoms of hidradenitis sup- armpit

  1. causative agent of the disease is usually staphylococcus, at least - other microorganisms.
  2. Precipitating factors: failure to comply with hygiene, dirtiness, and excessive sweating.
  3. Perestroika in the endocrine system.
  4. Immunosuppression.

Axillary hydradenitis manifested form one or more dense nodes in the underarm area, which is first placed under the skin, as well as the progression of inflammation begin to grow in size and become sharply painful.Swollen nodes are soldered to the skin, which becomes bluish tint.Their size can vary from 0.5 to 3 centimeters.The affected area is felt unbearable itching and pain.Body temperature rises to 38.5 degrees.If the process involved surrounding the subcutaneous tissue, the developing abscess - diffuse purulent

inflammation.Festering hydradenitis lymphadenitis may be complicated if the process involved axillary lymph nodes.In this case, the patient worried about the headache, severe fatigue, fever above 39 degrees.Pain in the armpit are growing.

hydradenitis If left untreated, the abscesses often break out about 5 hours from the onset of the disease, heal with the formation of scar tissue, fistulous passages can be formed.With the development of cellulitis poor prognosis.

Treatment by conventional methods

The sooner treatment is started at hydradenitis, the more likely to do without surgery.Treatment of this disease is the appointment of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs.Antimicrobial therapy involves taking the following drugs: tetracycline 250 mg four times a day, or doxycycline scheme or erythromycin po0,25 gramm4 times daily by mouth.The treatment is usually 7-14 days.

In no event it is impossible to open and squeeze the abscess yourself!Since this will lead to the spread of infection in the tissues, and the bacteria can get into the bloodstream, spread throughout the body, and then develop sepsis - a very dangerous disease that often leads to death.

As first aid can apply ointment Vishnevsky at hydradenitis on the inflamed area or poluspirtovuyu bandage.

hydradenitis armpit recommended local manufacturing disinfectants and antiseptics (2% alcoholic solution of salicylic acid).

With the ineffectiveness of conservative methods, surgical intervention - opening the abscess with excision of the affected tissue and sinus tracts.At the same antibiotic therapy continues, topically applied dressings with levomekol - this ointment and the other purulent hidradenitis sup- diseases.Dressings are changed every two days the wound is washed with an antiseptic solution and impose a sterile towel with ointment, bandage fixed with adhesive tape.In severe cases with large defects is a plastic skin.

When recurrent hydradenitis conduct specific immunotherapy staphylococcal vaccine or gamma globulin.

methods of traditional medicine

When axillary hydradenitis should establish a sick mind.Meals should be easily digestible and rich in vitamins and trace elements.

From folk remedies, time-tested, it is possible to allocate such recipes:

  • Cabbage leaf rinse with water and apply to the sore spot on the night, he has a strong absorbing action.Good help in the initial stages of the disease.
  • Aloe leaves are washed with warm water, then cut and applied to the sore spot.Aloe juice has a strong bactericidal effect, and "pulls" the pus, accelerating the process samooporozhneniya abscess.
  • plantain leaves kneaded in the hands until until it begins to stand out juice.This list is applied to hydradenitis under his arm for 20 minutes up to four times a day.
  • Washed fresh celery leaves warm up, and then applied to the pathological focus to six times a day.
  • bandage with sea salt solution.In a glass of warm boiled water dissolve 2 teaspoons of sea salt.The mixture was filtered through cheesecloth, folded in several layers and used for washing the inflamed site several times a day.
  • Infusion for washing the ulcer can be prepared, bay glass of boiling water one teaspoon collection of daisy flower, herb sage, eucalyptus leaves and inflorescences calendula.The solution was filtered through gauze and insist about a day.Inflamed area was washed with the solution several times a day.

flow hidradenitis sup- often prolonged, sometimes arising with exacerbations of the disease.Self-healing is rare, almost always requires treatment.How to cure hydradenitis you tell a doctor - a surgeon.

Prevention hidradenitis sup-

  • Compliance elementary hygiene requirements: the clothes should not be tight, underwear preferably from natural materials, frequent water procedures.
  • Maintaining normal body weight, obesity - weight loss.
  • Regular toilet armpits.
  • exclude from the use of irritating perfumes and cosmetics.
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