How to remove the veins in the legs most !

Varicose veins - a pretty serious disease that is characterized not only by edema of the lower extremities, as well as the emergence of severe pain in them, but also quite ugly and even unaesthetic appearance.

Typically, varicose veins in the legs - the causes of which, in most cases, are in violation of the blood supply to the extremities, can subsequently develop into thrombophlebitis.Varicose manifests itself in the form of Veins and stars, in very advanced cases there is a swelling of the veins in the legs and over time they begin to form sores, get rid of which is not easy, even after treatment.

Scientists believe that this disease can surely be called to pay for something that person walks it down.So inflammation veins may be both men and women.However, representatives of the weaker sex in this respect are worse off than men.

So the disease veins: they are symptoms that a person begins to experience a feeling of heaviness in the limbs, it seems to him that his legs something bursting inside

.And in some cases, may even afflict limb spasms.Whatever it was, but the person has to think about in order to heal his legs from this unpleasant affliction.

How to remove the veins in the legs?Now there are 2 ways to get rid of varicose veins.These include surgery and conservative methods.Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages.Therefore, they should talk about more details.

conservative method of removing varicose veins

At this point, the cure for veins, as such, has not yet been invented.However, conservative treatment is considered to be the most effective.At least in the initial stage of the disease.It lies in the fact that the patient is assigned to wear a special jersey made of elastic tissue.

While wearing it, the pressure on the lower limbs aligned, and this leads to the fact that normal circulation of blood through the veins of the legs.At the same jersey, gently adhering to the skin of the feet, as if to support the weak walls of blood vessels, thereby reducing the load on the veins.This ultimately leads to minimizing the risk of thrombus formation and progression of the disease.

This jersey is curative and preventive.Only a doctor can prescribe the wearing of a particular type of knitwear, depending on the severity of the disease.If

Vienna got out, and there are signs of primary varicose veins in the leg, then the removal of veins with the help of this method is not possible.In other words, wearing compression underwear will help only if the primary varicose veins just amazed.

operational methods of eliminating varicose

If it hurts Vienna on foot and sometimes the pain becomes unbearable, you have to resort to surgery.Now there are quite a few ways of surgical removal of veins.Among them there are both classic and innovative methods.

True, some of them will be effective in a particular case will help to understand a doctor-phlebologist.However, the most popular methods include laser removal of veins, radiofrequency ablation, fleboektomiyu.

use of radiofrequency ablation or laser will not bring pain to the patient.And the skin is not broken.However, in most cases people suffering from varicose veins, fleboektomii preferred method.This is when the patient is removed Vienna purely mechanical means, after making a small incision in the skin.

And what if the veins in the legs act and after using these techniques?Whatever it was, but the ride can not be a disease, and of these veins sooner or later, but need to get rid of.And here to the aid can come another technique, which is called sclerotherapy.When the swollen veins in the legs - how to cure it with the help of this method?

The diseased vein introduce a special adhesive that fills the veins and prevents blood flow in it so that its wall just stick together.After this procedure, the problematic limb is necessary to wear compression stockings knitted.Currently, this method is considered progressive.

Treatment of varicose veins of folk remedies

methods described above are purely medical.How to remove the veins in the legs, using traditional recipes?Vienna is recommended to start with a clean liver cleaning.Moreover, the liver, it is desirable to clean several times to remove the cause of the stagnation of blood in the legs.

In addition, it is strongly recommended not to eat at night, it is advisable to use only light and non-viscous food.In addition, it is desirable to try the following methods:

  • Removal of veins in the legs can be done, if you mix a handful of pre-crushed fresh tarragon with yogurt in equal proportions.The resulting composition to impose on the gauze and apply at night to the sick veins.Top impose cellophane and secure with an elastic bandage.30 minutes later, a compress can be removed.
  • 2 tablespoons of crushed hop cones pour 400 mg of boiling water, and then warm up on a steam bath for 15 minutes.Infusion taken three times a day for 100 ml, before meals.
  • bad helps Caucasian hellebore, which is recommended to drink half a year.It helps cleanse the blood and normalization of functions throughout the body.The dose at a time should correspond to the size of the 2-match heads.Take recommend a teaspoon of honey.
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