How is the treatment of hemorrhoids after childbirth

Postpartum is rehabilitation - a woman's body is recovering from birth, which may be called a kind of stress to the body.

This period can be characterized by a sustained regression of (involution) of the uterus, inflammation of the inner lining of her, postpartum hemorrhage or divergence of seams.In addition, women often say that they have a hemorrhoid after giving birth - treatment of such a condition presents certain difficulties.

What are the causes of its development

Hemorrhoids is a disease of the venous system, which is manifested nodal extensions of the veins in the lower rectum (known as hemorrhoids).This cause any pathological conditions which lead to stagnation and high blood pressure in the blood vessels of the rectum.If a woman after childbirth appeared hemorrhoids - treatment must begin with exposure to triggers, which include:

  • hereditary characteristics of venous walls;
  • lack of motor activity;
  • system taking certain medications such as contraceptive hormones;
  • chronic constipation;
  • overweight;
  • pregnancy and childbirth.Hemorrhoids

postpartum women develops due to the fact that during any attempts greatly increases the pressure on the vein walls, which leads to the formation of hemorrhoidal nodules that can be placed inside the colon or topically.It is worth noting that this pathology begins to develop during pregnancy, because in this period there is a consistently high intra-abdominal pressure and blood stasis in the vessels of the pelvis.

Internal hemorrhoids are beyond the sphincter of the anus.They can not be seen, but it is this form of the disease is the cause of significant bleeding hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids so after delivery is often accompanied by hemorrhagic anemia, which worsens the condition of women after childbirth and lactation adversely affect the process.External hemorrhoids are diagnosed easier as they can be detected visually as a corolla about the anus.External hemorrhoids after childbirth is often combined with anal fissures, which adds to the unpleasant symptoms.

Clinic postpartum hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids

after birth can occur acutely and chronically.Acute Hemorrhoids is characterized by rapid development.Women complain of itching and burning sensation or burning sensation in the anus.These symptoms of hemorrhoids postpartum amplified during defecation, in addition, there is a sharp pain, which subsided gradually.

Because of this delay the emptying of pain women, making it difficult for hemorrhoids.Hemorrhoids are increased, and the surrounding tissues swell and redden, the pain becomes constant, interferes sit and walk.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids after delivery, which becomes chronic, often invisible to women.First, she notes a slight burning sensation in the anus after defecation or a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bowel.The pain is periodic, so virtually no worries.

diagnosis of this pathological condition is simple and is based on a review of the anus, as each qualified proctologist knows how to look after childbirth hemorrhoids (external hemorrhoids look typical).In order to reveal the internal components, the doctor performs a digital diagnostic examination and determines their size and number.

addition, sigmoidoscopy may be used, which refers to the endoscopic examination of the rectum.Also performing irrigoscopy - X-ray examination, during which the rectum introduce a special contrast solution.

What to do and what to do?

First of all, if you find any hemorrhoids symptoms should immediately go to the doctor.Unfortunately, many women are embarrassed of this disease and try to cure the disease itself, which often causes hemorrhoids transition to a more serious stage of development, which proceeds with hemorrhoidal bleeding or inflammation of the soft tissue in the perianal region.

We must remember that to successfully get rid of postpartum hemorrhoids can only be by means of occupational therapy specialists Proctologic centers, who clearly know how to cure hemorrhoids after childbirth.In order to prevent progression of the disease, it is necessary to deal with constipation, try not to push too hard during bowel movements.

When expressed constipation appointed light laxatives.It is important to adhere to personal hygiene.After each bowel movement need to be washed away with cool water or at least wipe the anus wet wipes.

hemorrhoid treatment after birth must necessarily include a thorough preparation of the diet of patients.Eliminate black bread, beans and cabbage, as well as other products that contribute to the accumulation of gas in the intestines.It should also limit the amount of spices and seasonings.It is recommended to eat vegetables, lean meat and fish, fruits that contain in its composition a lot of pectin, prunes, baked goods (only with bran or coarse fibers).

venous stasis avoids physiotherapy.Drug treatment includes the use of laxatives, venotoniki, tools that improve microcirculation, as well as the use of special local products from hemorrhoids.How to treat hemorrhoids after giving birth, the doctor determines, depending on the form and extent of clinical signs of the disease.

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