Treatment of allergies in children - effective methods

development of allergies in children in children is mainly due to heredity.If one parent is allergic, the risk of occurrence of the same disease in a child is about 40%.If you suffer from allergies, both parents, the probability increases to 75%.

risk of allergies in children and provokes a lack of vitamins in the diet and unhealthy environmental conditions in the area of ​​residence.

Allergies can be caused by psychological problems - a phenomenon often seen in very young children lacking maternal care.

allergy in children

Forms allergy in children:

  • Conjunctivitis;
  • Atopic dermatitis;
  • Allergic rhinitis;
  • Bronchial asthma;

for attentive parents is not difficult to notice the symptoms of allergies in children, they occur quickly and very visible.

Conjunctivitis - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye, accompanied by redness, swelling of the eyelids and itching or pain in the eye.

Atopic dermatitis - or skin allergy - in children manifests itself in the form of a diathesis, urtic

aria, rash, eczema, pruritus.This can be a manifestation of contact allergies - such as allergies to laundry detergent or animal hair, - and the manifestation of food allergy occurs when eating certain foods.Dermatitis occurs over a long period and is characterized by severe itching, dryness of skin inflammation and, therefore, requires immediate treatment.

Allergic rhinitis - is a disease of the nasal mucosa, characterized by constant nasal congestion, itchy nose and runny him.Often accompanied by frequent sneezing.

Allergic rhinitis and dermatitis with age can develop into asthma - is the disease occurs in about 25% of children.It is based on an allergic inflammation of the airways.In most cases, the first of its manifestation is seen in children up to 5 years.A child with asthma is often observed difficulty breathing.During exacerbation of asthma appears shortness of breath, when breathing can be heard whistling and wheezing, cough occurs.An asthma attack is an emergency, the child should be to provide expert assistance.

Sometimes with a strong influence of the allergen in a child may develop angioedema or anaphylaxis.

Treatment of disease

treatment of allergies in children consists of determining the type of allergy (food allergy, hay fever, asthma, contact allergy, etc.), determine the type of allergens to which the child responds, and the appointment of appropriate treatment.

To date, there are two ways to determine the allergens:

  1. Skin tests.The method is most common because of its ease and safety.On the upper arm of the child applied to the solution a drop of allergen on the skin and make light scratches to the substance has penetrated into the bloodstream.If within 15 minutes in this place there was a skin reaction - redness, itching or papule - it noted that the child is allergic to the substance.
  2. Blood.This method allows you to detect the presence of antibodies to allergens.It will be appreciated that tests for the allergens have meaning that if the child previously had contact with the allergen - for example, it is impossible to determine whether the child is allergic to mushrooms, if they had not eaten.

According to the results of tests the doctor will determine how to treat allergies in the child, and assigns the appropriate medication.Basically this diet, antihistamines and ointments.

drugs from allergies for children should be administered in doses of generation antihistamines used in children who do not possess sedative effects, are not addictive and are available in the form of suspensions, palatable.

skin allergy in children treated with special ointments and creams.Ointment from allergies for children for children for children contains substances that reduce inflammation.In recent years, it developed a special cream from allergies for children containing emollients.It can be used preventively - to moisturize baby's skin after bath procedures to reduce these manifestations dermatitis, dry skin and irritation.

In allergic rhinitis, nasal corticosteroids children are assigned to facilitate breathing and reduce swelling of the mucous membrane.

When asthma is assigned to maintenance treatment consisting of inhaled corticosteroid;at attacks should be added bronchodilator.

When conjunctivitis in addition to antihistamines are appointed by the eye drops.

diet for allergies - eat right!

most important cure for allergies for children for children for children - this is the correct diet.Allergist will recommend to parents than to feed your baby with allergies, given the growing need of vitamins.From diet necessarily excludes sodas, chips, lollipops, chewy candy, chocolate, fish, etc.

Diet is especially important when developing food allergy in children - allergy treatment will not be effective in non-compliance with the doctor's recommendations on diet.

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