What is the sensitivity of pregnancy tests

you suspect that you are pregnant.Perhaps this is pre-planned pregnancy.Perhaps you fear that everything happened bypassing your plans.How to determine without resorting to physician care, it took place or not?

It is simple and easy to make with the help of a pregnancy test.They are sold in any drugstore, even in supermarkets is possible to buy them.In supermarkets, they lie at the cash register, for a couple with condoms.There is some irony in this: enjoy it - do not use a condom, and surprises still possible.

differ tests not only manufacturers and price.They use different formats.To date, there are three types of formats jet test, test strip, the test cassette.They are representatives of different "generations".The sequence of their appearance: strip, cassette and most advanced member of this "family" - inkjet test.

The device detects the presence of the hormone in the urine of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which begins to be produced in a woman's body after the introduction of a fertili

zed egg in the uterine cavity.If pregnancy proceeds without anomalies, this occurs at 5-6 days after conception.In the future, the level of the hormone doubles every forty-eight hours.

What else different pregnancy tests?They differ in sensitivity.

Sensitivity tests

sensitivity of pregnancy tests is different: 25 mMeml 20 mMeml 10 mMeml.Accordingly, they are referred to as "pregnancy test: sensitivity 25", "20 Sensitivity" and "sensitivity of 10".The smaller the number, which characterizes it, so it has greater sensitivity, i.e., the lower the concentration of HCG hormone in urine, it is able to recognize.

most "budget" option is a test strip.The sensitivity of pregnancy tests, performed in this format is low, it is 20 -25 mMeml.Ease of use also leaves much to be desired: for urine collection requires a separate container, in addition, the accuracy of the result depends on the accuracy of dipping the strip in urine.

Using the test cassette, you feel like a laboratory worker.The package is enclosed tank for collecting urine (not all producers, it should be noted), and after urine collection, you with a special pipette, also supplied with the tape measure out the required amount of urine for testing.The sensitivity and the quality of the same species as that of the test strips.Price, because of additional "bells and whistles" in the 5-10 times higher.

Highly model

highly sensitive test and the last generation model - a jet.The advent of inkjet devices has greatly simplified the procedure for analysis.Using the test is very simple: it is sufficient to substitute under a stream of urine examined.

time of day for the analysis has no value.It can be about it and in the morning and evening.It is very convenient, because at any time, being, for example, in the clinic, at work, at any public place, you can, without discomfort, analyze and quickly find out the result.

Highly sensitive instruments are divided into two categories.It is: and ultrasensitive ultrasensitive pregnancy test.

ultrasensitive pregnancy test will show a result on day 10 after conception.The ultra-sensitive - on day 7.It's amazing, like a miracle, because for a whole week before the expected arrival delay menstruation, you have the opportunity to learn about pregnancy.high sensitivity device is deservedly much more popular with consumers than tests with lower sensitivity.

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