How does an electronic test for pregnancy ?

Modern manufacturers pregnancy tests produced highly sensitive products with high accuracy.If you are using the latest developments, to which the electronic device, women are given the opportunity to attain an accuracy of laboratory species diagnosis of pregnancy at home.

Despite this approximately 25% of all women who use home pregnancy tests, incorrect assessment of the facts.Typically, the intensity of staining strip confused.Often applied to the test reagent cassette is taken as a positive result.

electronic test

avoid such misunderstandings will email a pregnancy test.The dual interpretation of the results is simply impossible.If pregnancy is - the test will display a "+" sign - if not, then the "-" and no intermediate options and doubt.

Another advantage of these testing systems is that during the chemical reaction and further processing of the monitor displays an hourglass.After 3 minutes, the result is displayed, which does not change with time, than can not boast of other systems that

change the color of the test strip as it dries.

test results remain on the display for 24 hours.Very popular in Russia, uses an electronic pregnancy test: clearblue . reliability of the results is equal to 99% on the first day of delay menstruation.Although studies have shown that it is able to detect human chorionic gonadotropin in urine in about 4 days before the expected menstruation.

During the early diagnosis is recommended to buy an electronic pregnancy test and double-check the results after a few days.

These technological advances are rather expensive compared to other tests.

electronic test average price hovering around 750 rubles.
However, modern manufacturers of home pregnancy test systems seemed to have jumped themselves and created a reusable electronic test.

This idea was prompted by the desire of millions of women and again with bated breath to look at a long-awaited sign "pregnant" or "+".And perhaps hope that a negative result is still replaced by positive.Broad dissemination of the novelty has not yet been received because of its high cost.By paying this price, the customer has to obtain reliable results and the opportunity to see it as many times as she wants.

device unit

information processing takes place digitally, after which the result is displayed on the computer to which the test system is connected via USB.The test itself looks like a conventional drive, which is integrated detachable disposable cartridge.

was with him and carried out all the usual manipulation for the test material.The test kit is delivered 20 cartridges.Manufacturers women prepared a nice bonus in the form of calculating the expected date of delivery in case of pregnancy or when a negative result - the forecast favorable days for conception.This is achieved by determining the levels of luteinizing hormone and human chorionic gonadotropin classic.

The same principle works and digital test: clearblue.Reusable test systems are designed to make an exciting stage of diagnosis more comfortable, avoiding multiple trips to the pharmacy for the usual tests.

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