Symptoms of an allergy to alcohol.Therapies

term "allergy" refers to increased sensitivity of the organism to various substances (allergens), which began to develop during the second of their impact on the human body.Allergic to Alcohol Alcohol is a fairly common and unpleasant phenomenon, the main cause of which is the consumption of alcoholic beverages that contain alcohol.

and other components may be addition of ethyl alcohol by allergens, which are part of alcoholic beverages.For example, the yeast or hops that are contained in beer, grain oils, which are made of beverages, sulfite, applicable in the preservation of wine varieties, as well as fragrances, dyes, polyphenolic compounds, which are part of the alcoholic beverage.

Symptoms of allergies

There are different symptoms of allergic reactions, which depend on the particular allergen.Most often a person exhibits the following symptoms:

  • After drinking alcoholic beverage appears redness of the skin on the face, hands and body;
  • stomach problems, vomiting, nausea;
  • red spots on the skin, cracking skin, dryness, peeling, itching;
  • rapid intoxication;
  • Runny nose, swelling of the skin;
  • Rush of blood to the head, in some cases, severe headaches;
  • Asthma attacks;
  • Change in body temperature and blood pressure;
  • Tachycardia;
  • Sometimes allergy to alcohol is accompanied by suffocation.

Symptoms of allergies to alcohol can be shown by a small amount of drinking alcohol, as well as in the case of excessive use of it.

What to do in such a situation?

If any of these symptoms of the disease should be, first of all, to refuse the use of any alcoholic beverages, especially those which are mainly in doubt.Well, then, you should consult your doctor to check your kidneys, liver, etc.

Often, to avoid repeated manifestations allergic reactions to alcohol, need to change the drink.For example, if vasallergiya vodka, then imported beer, whiskey or brandy allergic reaction can not occur.So, how to cure allergic to alcohol?

Allergy Treatment for alcohol

course to an allergic reaction is not repeated, alcohol is completely excluded from use.Besides, you can not save on their own health and to consume drinks, which are mainly in doubt.For the treatment of allergy to alcohol Alcohol alcohol, it is first necessary to cleanse the body.

Do not self-medicate, because the use of drugs that are prescribed for any type of allergy, in any case is not recommended to be used in case of allergy to alcohol.Read any instructions to medicines, it is clearly stated that when taking anti-allergic drugs is strictly forbidden alcohol.Allergic to alcohol can cause severe disturbances in the activity of the heart and circulatory systems.

Thus, we consider how to treat allergic to alcohol alcohol alcohol?

  • In severe and acute cases, the development of life-threatening form of allergy (fall in blood pressure, respiratory failure, coma, fainting) should immediately seek medical attention.
  • In case of repeated occurrence of allergy to alcohol, you should determine whether the response to the views of liquor, its dose, or the very fact of alcohol.
  • If an allergic reaction you get after consuming alcoholic beverages more than two times in my life, something from him is totally abandoned.
  • If allergy occurs on strong alcohol, then the next time you want to exclude beverages with a complex composition, try to reduce the dose or switch to another beverage.
  • If an allergic reaction appears regularly and is not connected with the use of a particular drink, you should pay attention to the work of digestion.It is necessary to exclude from the snack questionable products, use of digestive enzymes and sorbents as prophylaxis.

If you have an allergy to alcohol, not accompanied by disturbance of consciousness and breathing, the stomach should be washed with cold water, and then to use antihistamines.In case of breathing problems should use anti-asthma inhaler.

If alcohol is the cause of an allergic reaction, the treatment of skin allergy differs from other types of this disease.In this case, you need anti-allergy ointment, which will help reduce allergic reactions.Ointment from allergies on the skin can significantly facilitate the manifestation of these reactions.

Of course, in the event of an allergic reaction to alcoholic beverages, the most effective and efficient method of allergy treatment is complete elimination of the use of alcoholic beverages.If you do not have symptoms of alcoholism, it is possible to reduce the probability of occurrence of an allergy to alcohol, it needs to abandon the use of poor quality alcoholic beverages with various additives and dyes.

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