Allergy to the sun : symptoms

sunny weather, sunbathing always bring an unprecedented pleasure.But not all, unfortunately.There are people that the sun's rays are contraindicated, are people with an allergic reaction to the sun.Allergy to the sun on the sun - how to recognize it?

Solar allergy or fotodermatit (photodermatosis) - a disease that, according to statistics, affects about 20% of the population.The causes of allergic symptoms are still not fully understood, but the majority of scientists believe that sunlight causes accumulation in the body a large number of allergens and, consequently, toxins.This applies to the people who suffer from diseases of the internal organs, primarily the liver and kidneys.Also, the risk is to young children, pregnant women, people with white skin, and with a lot of birthmarks.

How does allergy to the sun on the sun?Manifestations really different.Individuals with a strong reaction is generally not advisable to expose your skin under the sun's rays, and people with a moderate reaction of

the organism may be some time sunbathing, but the main thing is not to overdo it.

main symptoms

reaction to the sun's rays can appear instantly, or maybe after a while, and not only in the form of allergic rashes.So, the symptoms of an allergy to the sun - can be different:

  • appearance of redness-prone exposure of body parts;
  • cause allergic skin rash;
  • swelling, itching, burning;
  • blisters;
  • fever;
  • fainting.

Often it occurs in conjunction with other factors, for example, with the use of antiseptics, allergies to pollen, food allergies, general weakness of the body, severe mental condition.

What to do?First of all, to eliminate the symptoms need to take treatment measures, among them are:

  • find and eliminate the causes of;
  • protection from the sun's rays using clothing with long sleeves, and refraining from direct contact with the sun.Alternatively, a few weeks do not go out during the active exposure to UV rays;
  • receiving antipyretic drugs, with an increase in body temperature;
  • receiving special anti-allergic drugs, including ointments;
  • treatment with vitamin complex percussion;
  • packs of herbs and plants with anti-inflammatory effect (succession, chamomile, oak bark, leaves of cabbage, grated raw potatoes, cucumber);
  • drinking plenty of fluids to speed up the withdrawal of allergens from the body.

What is an allergy to the sun?Usually, fotodermatit manifests itself in the form of mass eruptions on the skin areas that were hit by the sun.Also, it is often easy swelling and fever.Severe consequences mentioned above, are rarer.

Typically, symptoms appear in early summer, the people, the chronically ill from this disease, and after the first strong sunlight, people who previously did not suffer from an allergic rash.Suffer from harmful radiation can be up to the end of the summer.Spring and autumn sun is not harmful to people with allergies.

rash of allergies to the sun usually appears on the face, the hands, in the upper chest.Moreover, chronic disease may return to the same place every summer, and may affect other areas of the skin.

When there is an allergy to the sun - the treatment is necessary, because often the symptoms can be eliminated, and forget about them for a lifetime.The very rash is treated with zinc creams and ointments with the addition of vitamin E, hormones, antioxidants.The doctor took the necessary tests, prescribe the necessary drugs that normalize metabolism, to establish liver, contribute to healing and skin renewal.

allergy to the sun in children and pregnant

allergy to the sun in children is often caused by the following factors:

  • lowered immunity;
  • vitamin deficiency;
  • not properly selected cosmetics.The application of such funds is better to limit, or even without them, because it can be dangerous for the health of the child;
  • problems with internal organs, most commonly the liver.

Particular attention should study the issue - the sun allergies during pregnancy, because the body of the future mother during this period and so weak, and excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, perhaps, to nothing, as indeed, the general overheating.An allergic reaction to solar pregnant women can provoke the emergence and increase pigment spots on the face, dangerous varicose veins.

also too long passion for sunbathing can cause bleeding, due to a decrease in muscle tone and blood pressure.

Thus fotodermatit or photodermatosis - a phenomenon quite serious and require prevention and protection.Symptoms of the disease can be prevented, if the time to do preventive maintenance, or in other words are not keen on hiking in the solarium, sunbathing in sun peak, deodorants, and talc before going to the beach.

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