Comprehensive treatment of allergy to the sun

With the onset of the first sunny days, thousands of people flock to the nature: go to the reservoirs or seas in tropical countries, to enjoy the warm sunshine, and strengthen the immune system.

Not everyone enjoys the trips, and the reason for this - an allergy to the sun in the sun.It can often be confused with other allergic reaction to any stimuli, but if the disease is confirmed, you will need as a problem can be resolved quickly, otherwise the holiday will be spoiled.

Solar dermatitis may appear due to the following circumstances:

  • Prolonged exposure to the unprotected areas of the skin to sunlight
  • combination of prolonged exposure of the skin to sunlight and irritating factors: chlorine pools, medicines and pollen

in some people, this disease starts to develop already with the first warm rays of the sun, and some - it appears after a holiday in hot countries, where there are open-air pools place, or after a picnic in the fields or woods.

allergy to the sun in children is very common

and usually appears after heavy infectious diseases when the child severely weakened immune system.

How to distinguish the solar dermatitis - Symptoms of the disease

After a long stay in the sun and getting a large dose of ultraviolet rays in the body begin to activate all of the body's defenses in the production of special pigment - melanin.Since the load is mainly on the liver and kidneys, a person may begin to develop allergy solar: it is easy to distinguish the symptoms.

The main symptoms of the disease include:

  1. red rash all over the body
  2. peeling skin
  3. appearance of small pustular rash
  4. Swelling
  5. Redness some skin
  6. Itching
  7. Burning

appearance of solar dermatitis negative impact on human health: reduced immunity, there is a lack of vitamins and minerals, exacerbated chronic or dolechennye disease, reduced liver performance, the metabolism.

Many are faced with a similar problem, but how to treat allergic to the sun knows not everyone.

How to treat unpleasant disease with the help of simple rules

  • Rule 1 .20 minutes before going outside, apply to exposed skin UV sunscreen.Cream to moisturize and protect the skin is best applied after sun or shower.
  • Rule 2. After a swim in the sea or other body of water, do not rub the skin with a towel, it will spoil the protective layer of cream, which then have to be applied again.It is best to get wet wet skin with a soft towel.
  • Rule 3. Resting in tropical countries, avoid makeup, gels, creams, toilet paper and spirits, which include flavoring.Under the influence of sunlight, these drugs can cause the appearance of age spots, traces of which will take place in two to three weeks.
  • Rule 4: If you have sensitive skin, tanning in direct sunlight is not for you.Achieve a golden skin tone you can sunbathing in the shade under the awning.In this case, you can avoid the discomfort of burnt skin, redness or peeling it, and increased body temperature.
  • Rule 5. Use the ointment from allergies to the sun.Included in its composition a substance Betamethasone and dexamethasone will protect your skin from UV rays throughout the day.Burning and itching eliminate ointments containing zinc, and lanalin metarulatsil.
  • Rule 6. Toxic substances that accumulate in the human body, can also cause solar dermatitis.In order to get them, you need to drink a day at least two liters of carbonated water.
  • Rule 7. If you can not protect yourself or your child from the sun's illness, do not despair, and go to any pharmacy and buy tablets from allergies there in the sun.They will help you quickly and easily cope with dermatitis and provide you with an excellent weekend dni.Esli you constantly apply birth control pills or antibiotics, read detailed instructions on how to use them: if the instruction is present in the mark 'cause photosensitivity ", try to replace drugs on the trip.
  • Rule 8. If during your holiday you have been allergy rather move away from direct sunlight as long as not eliminate skin inflammation.Any remedy for allergies to the sun can quickly and painlessly cope with your illness.
  • Rule 9. During the holiday in Turkey and Egypt, you may receive an allergy to dust: its symptoms are similar to symptoms solar dermatitis.In order to fully understand the disease and to find a solution, when the first symptoms you should seek medical advice.The hotel staff will tell you where to find a dermatologist who will pick up for you individual treatment, and quickly remove the skin inflammation.

If you have a sun allergy - Treatment should always begin immediately.Neglecting the treatment, you can trigger the appearance of eczema, which is treated much more difficult.

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