Allergy to strawberries : treatment and symptoms

As you know, any food can cause allergic reactions.Strawberries, for example, is quite a strong allergen, so many people use it with great caution.

this berry is not destined to enjoy and for those who in the family has seen an allergy to this product, as the tendency to such a problem as an allergy to strawberries in the strawberry can be transmitted genetically.And yet, it is not necessary to set themselves their own diagnoses.Before use, check with an allergist berries.

Symptoms of allergy to strawberries

It would seem that what could be more harmless than a strawberry.Its like eating fresh, or in combination with a variety of desserts.But enjoy, which is composed of strawberry, can not do everything.

It is likely that you have an allergy to strawberries, if, after its use you notice these symptoms:

  • mouth appeared swollen and felt tingling and itching;
  • there is swelling of the throat and palate (in some cases);
  • turn red or watery eyes;
  • there is a constant runny nose or sneezing.

If you do not know what it looks like an allergy to strawberries, can give a simple example.In most cases, an allergic reaction to this product resembles hives, which is accompanied by a very strong itching.With such a problem as the food allergy symptoms may have the same shape, regardless of the type of products that are used the people.

also very often the patient begins an asthma attack.In severe forms of allergic reaction is the probability of occurrence of diarrhea, vomiting and seizures.

there any treatment?

most effective in the treatment of allergies - simply eliminate the strawberries from the human diet, having a bad reaction to the product.
Today, very often also use antihistamines.They can not completely eliminate the problem, however, and for the relief of symptoms of disease.So if you really want to enjoy this berry, but you know that you have an allergy to strawberries, better to stock up on these drugs.

But do not forget that self-medication is not appointed - be sure to visit a specialist who will pick up specifically for your case suitable means.So you can avoid the negative health effects, not only from an allergy, but also from taking antihistamines.When the diagnosis of food allergy treatment also appoint a specialist.

If there is swelling of the throat or difficulty breathing, you should call a doctor immediately, as this will require urgent medical intervention.

possible if allergic to the product in children?

Strawberry contains many nutrients: vitamins and minerals.However, parents should remember that the berry - it is a forbidden product for children who are not yet one year old.

If you first feed your baby strawberries, be sure to make sure to see if any symptoms appeared.Allergy to strawberries in children may manifest as swelling, itching or hives.Basically, the same signs as that of adults.

worth noting that strawberries, Heat-treated, not as often causes an allergy.However, if your child has been cases of food allergy, before giving him a strawberry, consult your pediatrician.

Strawberry pregnancy

Since this berry is a list of food allergens with a high degree of activity, it is not recommended for use in women during pregnancy.Those who have previously been seen allergic to strawberries, and all forbidden to use this product.With care, you can eat these berries only to pregnant women who are not prone to allergies.

of allergy dangerous equally for both women and for her fetus.Subsequently, this may result in the development in the newborn diathesis.It is especially important to remove this product from the diet after 22 weeks of pregnancy.It was in this period the immune system of the unborn baby is particularly sensitive to the effects of allergens.

In the early stages of prohibited use strawberries as it can enhance uterine contractions.It threatens abortion, ie abortion.Therefore, if there is even a minimum tone of the uterus, it is better to give up this delicacy.

not have a specific answer to the question of whether there is a strawberry pregnant.It all depends on the individual woman and how her pregnancy proceeds.

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