How it manifests itself gonorrhea in pregnancy

To fight with gonorrhea during pregnancy is very important close association of urologists and dermatologists with obstetricians and gynecologists.For this purpose, examined pregnant women and women with chronic inflammatory diseases of the reproductive organs and infertility.

In identifying gonorrhea in women's clinics, there is prevalence of severe forms of the disease, while chronic gonorrhea occurs much less frequently.At the same time the low detectability of the chronic form of the disease may be related to insufficient work of obstetricians and gynecologists in the field.

Reducing the total number of gonorrhea is closely linked with the general intensification of preventive work with obstetricians and gynecologists in women suffering from inflammatory diseases (acute and chronic) urogenital.

Thus, a sufficiently efficient work of female consultation in matters of diagnosis of gonorrhea, the percentage of patients identified as high as 40% of the total number of patients with newly diagnosed a

nd taken on record, diagnosis.

Factors predisposing to the disease

In 10% of inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system is the cause of the gonococcus.A thorough examination of the method of provocation and should be subject to the women who have the following diseases:

  • frequent acute inflammations of the uterus;
  • acute and chronic bartholinitis;
  • infertility;
  • menstrual cycle disorders;
  • inflammatory condition caused by Trichomonas.

maternity hospitals in terms of women received no exchange of cards, you should always be screened for gonorrhea.It has been observed that urogenital trichomoniasis diagnosed in almost 80% of women infected with gonorrhea.The common and preferred method of detecting gonorrhea are considered screening tests.

An important aspect of the prevention of gonorrhea is high quality clinical and laboratory examination of women.Inattention to the diagnosis can lead to medical diagnostic errors.

For example, patients with torpid or chronic form of the disease look to gynecologists, not even knowing about the disease.At the same time, doctors prescribe symptomatic therapy, not taking into account gonorrhea, except for laboratory examination method.Thus, in identifying leukocytosis in smears, obstetricians - gynecologists use antiseptic therapy, although the patient require a thorough clinical examination.

Thus, women with inflammatory diseases of the genital organs by crops was impossible twice as likely to detect gonococci than the smear.Pregnant women could detect the causative agent of gonorrhea is three times more often.

relationship experts is important!

There should be a close relationship venereologists and obstetricians - gynecologists.Maternity hospitals and antenatal clinics should promptly transmit the information to the skin - venereal dispensaries about finding and entering treatment for them, women.

Patients with diseases that are suspected of gonorrhea, are directed to further examination in dermatology - venereal dispensaries, where they and their partners have to undergo mandatory testing and treatment of gonorrhea and trichomoniasis.Important work patronage apparatus of medical institutions to attract, clinical examination and survey of the population.

Identification of gonorrhea among pregnant women at antenatal clinics is very important, because it affects not only the health of the woman, but also the unborn child.

role of sanitary - educational work of medical staff in maternity wards Pregnant Women, pregnant women - in antenatal clinics, it is extremely important in order to prevent occurrence of gonorrhea.

Therefore, when registering at the antenatal clinic, a pregnant woman should take a swab for GC from the cervix, urethra, rectum.If there are complaints about the presence of vaginal discharge, you need to re-take strokes, especially in women who are not married.

Identification of gonorrhea in pregnant

If a pregnant woman is found gonorrhea, it should be admitted to compulsory, otherwise the consequences of gonorrhea during pregnancy can be serious for the woman and for the unborn child.In these cases, it is not recommended to assign local procedures that can cause uterine contractions.Swab for gonorrhea in pregnant women from the cervix is ​​not taken, it can be taken only from a freely flowing secretions.

about pregnant women who identified gonorrhea, should be reported in the maternity hospitals, antenatal clinics and dermatology - venereal dispensaries, to monitor them before and after delivery, as well as the condition of the newborn baby.

Preventing disease in

newborns for prevention of gonorrhea in newborns in maternity hospitals used the following method:

sulfatsil 30% solution - sodium instilled immediately after birth in the newborn's eyes, repeating the procedure every two hours.

Gonococcal ophthalmia is a very serious complication of gonorrhea, it can manifest as an acute illness on 2 - 5 day of life.The disease can lead to blindness, so it is important to diagnose gonorrhea in pregnant women as early as possible, to hold her medical examinations, prescribe treatment.

Symptoms and treatment of disease

Symptoms of gonorrhea in pregnancy are:

  • Unusual discharge (copious, frothy, yellow or green).
  • Pain in the lower abdomen.
  • Painful urination.
  • bleeding.

treatment of gonorrhea in pregnancy should be comprehensive, including an anti-inflammatory drugs, detoxication therapy, angioprotectors, gepatoprotektory, vitamin therapy and specific therapy aimed at the destruction of the causative agent.

Specific activities

use of antibiotics for the treatment of gonorrhea in pregnancy should be done very carefully and closely, determining the degree of risk to the fetus.To date, the harmful effect of antibiotic therapy on the future health of the child is not fully understood, and there is no reliable data on the safety impact of antibiotics on the development of the fetus.

Gonovaktsina in this case, may also pose a risk to pregnancy, increasing the risk of miscarriage.Instead gonovaktsiny some experts suggest the use of autohemotherapy, considering this method to be effective and safe when compared with antibiotics and gonovaktsinoy.

In any case, a pregnant woman who has been diagnosed "gonorrhea", should be admitted to a special unit of the hospital.The attending physician should determine the method of treatment, after weighing all the risks and assessing the situation as a whole.

Antibiotics, gonovaktsiny in the treatment of gonorrhea in pregnancy should be carried out in case of emergency, only under medical supervision in a hospital!

also shows the use of vitamin (vitamin B, C).Admission vitamins can be administered by doctors inside and be sure to eat foods rich in these and other vitamins.

drugs "Trental", "Curantil", "Aktovegin" aimed at maintaining the placenta, should also be included in the treatment agent, prevents the occurrence of candidiasis, which may be caused by the use of antibiotics.Be sure to exclude sex.

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