If diagnosed with a risk of miscarriage in early pregnancy

threat of miscarriage in early pregnancy - is quite common in our time diagnosis.Therefore, future mums is very important to understand the difference between the risk of miscarriage and has already started a miscarriage, as well as to know the causes and symptoms of early pregnancy interruption threat.

main reasons for threatened abortion

  1. Hormone.As a rule, miscarriage occurs most often due to a shortage in the body of the hormone progesterone or estrogen, increased levels of male hormones - androgens, endocrine diseases.
  2. genetic disorders that result in the fetus is developing properly and killed because of their frailty.
  3. Infectious diseases (including sexually transmitted diseases).
  4. defects or anatomical structure of the female reproductive system (uterus and cervix).
  5. Taking certain medicines, hormones and birth control pills.
  6. Abortion and miscarriage in the past.
  7. Age older than 30 years.
  8. Bad habits.
  9. heavy physical labor.
  10. Stress and overwork.

Recognize the threat can be the followi

ng symptoms:

  • vaginal discharge.They can be both scarce and spreadable, dark brown and abundant, scarlet.Selecting light pink slime is also a sign of danger.It is important to know that any, even minor bleeding - this is a serious reason to see a doctor;
  • dragging pain in the abdomen and lower back.

What actions to take?

find yourself interrupting threats symptoms, a pregnant woman should as soon as possible to seek medical help, because at this stage the child may keep.The doctor will make inspection, during which will assess the state of the uterus and cervix, as well as prescribe ultrasound for fetal assessment.If the diagnosis is confirmed, a woman, in most cases, are hospitalized, because one of the main conditions for the successful preservation of pregnancy is quiet and bed rest.

to ascertain the cause and the choice of adequate treatment is necessary to conduct the following tests:

  • blood test for hormones (progesterone and estrogen);
  • blood test for thyroid hormones;
  • smear for the presence of mycoplasma and chlamydia;
  • blood test for fetal infection;
  • urine 17-KS (17 ketasteroidy);
  • blood test for antibodies to chorionic gonadotropin.

Depending on the survey results and the clinical picture can be assigned to the following drugs with the threat of miscarriage:

  • progestin - hormones that regulate pregnancy.Well established Utrozhestan Djufaston and the threat of miscarriage.This hormonal drugs, which are used to correct abnormalities caused by lack of progesterone which is responsible for the preparation of the endometrium for implantation of the ovum, the placenta development and preservation of pregnancy.Reception these drugs should take place only on the advice and under medical supervision - in this case, the drug does not adversely impact on the body of a pregnant woman and her unborn child;
  • glucocorticoids (hormones that are released by the adrenal glands).They are used at high levels in pregnant women male hormones.Most often appointed Dexamethasone and metipred;
  • antigemmorogicheskie and hemostatic agents, in particular, Dicynonum - under the threat of miscarriage and uterine bleeding its application under the control of physicians effectively and justified;
  • antispasmodics: No-spa, Baralgin, papaverine under the threat of miscarriage relax the muscles of the uterus;
  • sedatives - valerian tincture or Leonurus;
  • complex of vitamins and micronutrients - vitamin E, folic acid, Magne B6.

As a rule, after the successful conservation of pregnancy and discharge from the hospital, the doctor advised not to stop taking the designated funds for some time.

How to prevent miscarriage

Of course, the majority of pregnant women care about this issue.If pregnancy is planned, even before the onset of her need to undergo a medical examination and possible to treat the disease.In the case of unplanned pregnancy is necessary as soon as possible to give up all bad habits, regular visits to a gynecologist and follow its recommendations.

great importance is the nutrition of pregnant women - in order to reduce the likelihood of miscarriage threat menu should prevail foods rich in fiber.

Under no circumstances it is not necessary to designate themselves medicines, including vitamins.If possible, avoid stress and heavy physical exertion.During pregnancy, it is impossible:

  • make repairs or move furniture;
  • lift weights with a weight of 2 kg;
  • perform any work that are related to the risk of falling (for example, hang curtains on the windows).

It should be remembered that the risk of miscarriage in early pregnancy can occur from any strong shock, shaking, falling, jumping, etc. intensive

In addition, in the first 12 weeks, doctors recommend not to enter into intimacy to avoid uterine contractions, and the possible ingress of infection.This is especially true of women who have previous pregnancy ended in miscarriage, or they already had a threatened miscarriage.

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