What is a false negative pregnancy test ?

Women in baby planning period repeatedly refer to tests to determine pregnancy.Although the accuracy of the declared almost all the tests exceeds 97%, it happens all the same situation when the result turns out to be false.

Then a woman enjoys a nonexistent pregnancy, seeing deceptive second strip or needlessly upset, unaware that in the position.

False negative pregnancy test

This scenario is very common.Consider the causes of false-negative test.This happens most often due to impatience and a great desire to know the woman, "Do a miracle happened."At the same time women start doing tests in batches without waiting for the delay and unnecessarily frustrating every time.Pregnancy is, and test sensitivity is not to diagnose it.In this case, you need to wait for the promised day X to accumulate enough in the urine concentration of hCG - human chorionic gonadotropin - a hormone of pregnancy, and to repeat the test after several days of delay menstruation.

  1. Another reason why you can get a false-ne
    gative test is not following the rules of the test.Many women do not stand up in the morning and do the test during the day or evening.In this case, the urine will be drunk diluted liquid.As a consequence - reducing the concentration of hCG, which leads to the impossibility of determining it.
  2. Violation of any instruction item will certainly increase the likelihood of a pregnancy test failure.It is necessary to carefully examine the manufacturer's recommendations before proceeding with the test.
  3. Sometimes the cause of the error may become inadequate quality testing system.Expiration date, infringement of storage conditions or damage to the test is a cause for rechecking test result.
  4. often false negative result occurs when a pregnancy is threatened abortion, or has any pathology.The reasons may be abnormal place of introduction of the ovum (ectopic) or disturbances in the development of the embryo (anembrioniya or non-viable).This reduces the intensity of the generation of human chorionic gonadotropin, which leads to impossibility determining home-conception.
  5. Some women when a pregnancy test shows a negative result due to malfunction of the kidneys, which are unable to produce a complete synthesis of substances.The hormone hCG in the urine of women in the desired concentration appears much later, when the delay can be up to weekly value.

Women, once carried out the test and a negative result is obtained, it is necessary to repeat the tests upon the occurrence of delay or to see a doctor - a gynecologist.

False positives

Often women eager to be mothers, incorrectly interpret the results of pregnancy tests.Indistinct strips distinguishable under special lighting, and only at a certain angle, and extinct as dough drying is often treated as a positive result, although they are only reagent that is a dye which is to react with urine and give bright stripes in the case of pregnancy.

There are tests in which the strips appear a little brighter, but with visible defects.They may be unevenly colored, or have jagged edges appear in a nonstandard location.All of this suggests a low quality of the test material and a violation of recommendations for the test.Count on the veracity of a pregnancy test in this case is not necessary.

False positive pregnancy test result is obtained, and if the woman is present in the urine of human chorionic gonadotropin.This happens in the progression of tumors formed from germ cells have spread in different places of the body.Such tumors like horionepitelioma molar pregnancy produce hCG production, giving a false positive pregnancy tests.

The same effect is given a violation of ovarian function and hormonal disruptions.In any case, upon receipt of a positive result it is necessary to consult a gynecologist, in order to confirm whether the pregnancy tests are accurate, give hope for an early appearance of the baby.

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