Causes of miscarriage or in detail about the importance

What causes a miscarriage?This issue does not get tired of asking myself all the women who have experienced spontaneous abortion, which always becomes a stressful and traumatic event.

If you ask a specialist issue, on what terms is miscarriage, he is likely to tell you that the highest percentage of miscarriages occur in the first trimester of pregnancy, but there are recent interruption.Late - a rare phenomenon that has its reasons.Usually such abortions account for only 1% of the total, according to medical statistics.

From what happens miscarriage

reasons why miscarriage might be, there are so many.Very high risk of abortion affects women, leading an unhealthy lifestyle.Smoking, alcohol, drug use, unhealthy diet, as well as many other bad habits often lead to involuntary termination of pregnancy.

Sometimes the body reacts miscarriage adverse environmental conditions.Examples of such factors - poor environmental conditions, constant stress and problems, chronic fatigue.A very emotional and

sensitive women often occurs this disease in the nervous system.

age factor also increases the risk of interruption.According to statistics, late pregnancy is twice as likely to end in miscarriage than younger age.Especially dangerous is the situation for women over forty who transferred abortions previously.

considered the most common cause of genetic abnormalities of the fetus.In this case, an abortion can be compared to natural selection.Nature simply rejects the body, which will not be able to live and function in the environment.

More than ninety percent of all miscarriages occur in the early stages to twelve weeks.Most of them just happen because of congenital chromosomal abnormalities incompatible with normal life.Causes of miscarriage should be examined individually, because chromosomal abnormalities are due to various factors.This may be a random failure of fetal development, and may be a natural consequence of air pollution or bad habits of parents, from whom they are not disposed of at the time of pregnancy.

If the expectant mother during pregnancy, drinking some drugs, the risk of miscarriage increases again.Especially dangerous without medical advice to drink any herbs.They mistakenly considered safe, but in fact illiterate use of herbal medicines can seriously harm the health of unborn baby.It is very dangerous to drink during pregnancy strong antibiotics.In some cases, you can not do without it, so the doctor is calculated risks, but it is much better if the expectant mother will not abuse such drugs during pregnancy.

The risk of miscarriage increases the presence of infectious diseases of the sexual sphere.The infection damages the mucous membrane of the uterus and vagina, skin damages the fetus, interfering with the natural course of pregnancy.If a woman has a chronic disease, the time of their pregnancy should be possible to cure.

Causes of miscarriage in early pregnancy may also lie in the fact that a pregnant woman is not enough took care of itself.Accidental falls, blows, carrying heavy objects, heavy physical work - all of which can lead to miscarriage.
Late abortions, as opposed to the earlier to occur rarely.

reasons for late abortion in most cases are associated with some acute inflammatory processes, the flow of the pregnancy.Probably and excessive nervous stress expectant mother.In this case, the risk of genetic abnormalities in the fetus there is little, because the unsustainable nature of the material, "rejects" in the first trimester.If an interrupt occurs in the last months of pregnancy, the baby can be saved, causing artificial birth.These children are considered premature.Their development and growth in the remainder of the children are in the incubator.

Modern medicine allows you to nurse even highly premature babies, so abortion in the later stages can be completed successful birth of a healthy baby.

is important to be very careful with regard to their health in later periods of pregnancy.If there will be a sudden interruption, you must call the emergency care immediately, since it is only a quick hospitalization help woman to keep the child.The most visible signs of incipient miscarriage - a sharp pain in the abdomen, bleeding and brown discharge, pain, presence of secretions in the seized tissue.Any symptoms that differ from normal and customary, should alert you and become a reason for immediate treatment to the doctor.

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