The basic rules to know when to do a pregnancy test

Every woman is at the stage of planning of pregnancy, repeatedly asks himself the question: "When do the test."The correct timing of the self-diagnosis depends on the accuracy of the results.

In order to eliminate the error should understand some basic concepts related to the definition of early pregnancy.

The principle of operation of the device

Home tests are arranged in such a way that the concentration of the pregnancy hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hereinafter hCG) in the urine of pregnant women.This hormone-producing cells of the future placenta immediately after the introduction of the ovum in the uterine wall - implantation.

believed that quantitative measure blood hCG day of implantation is 2 mIU / ml and doubles approximately every 2 days.The urine hormone appears a few days later, so its concentration is below.The main part of the home tests for diagnosis has a sensitivity of 25 mIU / mL.Consider, when such a device is able to determine the pregnancy hormone.

Accepted assume that implantation occurs in an average of 7 days after ovulation.By simple mathematical calculations it turns out that on day 7 after the implantation of hCG is 2 mIU / ml.On Day 9 - concentration was already 4 mIU / mL.On 11 - again doubled and is 8 mIU / ml.On 13 - has risen to 16 mIU / mL, and on day 15 (the first day of menstruation) - hCG levels reach 32 mIU / mL.It is a pregnancy in the first day of delay monthly concentration of gonadotropin for the first time crossed the threshold of sensitivity of the home test, which will show a positive result.

should be noted that in the calculation is considered a classic situation where the length of the cycle is 28 days, ovulation occurs on the 14th day of the cycle, and implantation of the ovum - 7 days after ovulation.But every woman's body is different.On the test results may affect late ovulation and implantation.Therefore, many manufacturers recommend diagnose only after the delay.In addition, there are recommendations to start testing immediately after waking up, because it is the time of hCG concentration in urine is maximum.

After the answer to the question "When do the test?" Is found, it is necessary to decide which test is right for you.

Types of tests

Modern medical technology industry offers a wide selection of different pregnancy tests, as the most simple test strips with a sensitivity of 25 mIU / mL, particularly sensitive to the cluster with a threshold determination of hCG at 10 mIU / mL.

latter can determine pregnancy 3-4 days prior to the intended delay menstruation and are more expensive than conventional tests.Therefore, if you can not wait until the delay to find out if there was a conception, we should make a device for early detection of pregnancy.It can be as hypersensitive home test and blood diagnostics in the laboratory.The latter method is the most reliable and allows you to eliminate the error.

Disputes in determining early pregnancy

There are situations where a test is necessary to buy a completely unexpected.For example, in some women during pregnancy occurs nevertheless come menstruation, so that the woman thinks that conception has not occurred.Note that in this case, menstruation less intensity and duration, and doubt.Therefore it is necessary to carry out the test after a month, which differ from the ordinary.In the case of a positive result should contact your doctor to the gynecologist to rule out the threat of termination of pregnancy.

happens that tests show questionable results when doing a pregnancy test will have to again.This happens for several reasons:

  • too early to diagnosis;
  • used improper quality tests;
  • violated the rules of diagnosis referred to in instruction;
  • presence of female diseases, increase the concentration of hCG.

In all these cases it is recommended to buy a new test for the early detection of pregnancy, and to make a diagnosis after the onset of the delay in compliance with all regulations.It is better to select tests from different manufacturers.

In conclusion, it must be said that the instruments for self-determination of pregnancy have become a common subject for the modern woman.But like any thing, even the most simple, they require proper use.

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