Folic acid in pregnancy - the most important vitamin

Folic acid - an important vitamin.Everyone knows how important it is during pregnancy, because it affects the future health of man, the formation of his internal organs and systems.Folic acid - a source of vitamin B9, affecting the development of the brain and nervous system of the baby.

proved that folic acid during pregnancy should definitely be in the list of vitamins taken by a woman.

If these vitamins during pregnancy is not present in the body in the required amount of mother, it can develop fetal pathology: hydrocephalus, encephalocele, anencephaly (absence of a brain), developmental defects of the spine and a whole list of neurological problems.

Lack of folic acid in the body of an ordinary person can also lead to a number of unpleasant consequences.The person becomes irritable, loses appetite, he may develop diarrhea and vomiting.Megaloblastic anemia - the most severe form of vitamin B9 deficiency, which in severe cases can lead to death.

When prescribers

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om 20 to 100% of the people.Often without even realizing it.

Therefore, women who are planning to birth, doctors prescribe folic acid before pregnancy.

During the pregnancy, the need for this preparation increases dramatically.Especially at the stage of formation of the neural tube in the embryo (16 days from conception).Also, during the formation of the brain and spinal cord, the entire nervous system.

This occurs in the first trimester.It was during this period is assigned to the drug during pregnancy.This assignment avoids placental insufficiency (vitamin B9 is involved in the formation of the placenta) and, consequently, reduce the risk of premature termination.

daily dose

The day man for the normal functioning of all systems require 200 mcg of folic acid.

amount of vitamins in pregnancy, the body needs the mother and the unborn baby, double the rate for the average person and is 400 micrograms (some say up to 800 mcg).

The formulation contains 1000mkg (in one tablet).It is more than "required", but do not forget that the excretion of the vitamin from the body during pregnancy increases, and an overdose occurs only in the case of taking the drug, a hundred times greater than the norm.

Increased rate of folic acid during pregnancy relies mummies, whose bodies are experiencing an acute shortage of vitamin B9 .Or, if there is a high risk of neural tube defects in the development of the fetus.This happens if a woman is suffering from diabetes or epilepsy.Problems with the gastrointestinal tract, frequent vomiting are also grounds for folic acid in pregnancy rate was increased.

addition to participation in the construction of the cells of the future baby, it "repairs" Mama's nerve cells, which are updated daily.Lack B9 is transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy and breastfeeding.So the price of folic acid during pregnancy is very high, even though it costs the pharmacy is very cheap.Where

contains folic acid

Translated from the Latin, folium, meaning "leaf".So the name of the product speaks for itself.

Vegetarians rarely lack of folic acid.

greatest number of B9 found in leafy greens: parsley, fennel, lettuce, onions, Brussels sprouts, spinach, green peas, and avocados.Also, flour, meal, beans, yeast, citrus, pumpkin, melon.

Therefore, folic acid intake during pregnancy is carried out and when a woman eats all of these useful products.

future moms should not worry that the norm of vitamins will be exceeded.Excess easily and rapidly excreted by the body, and this also accelerates metabolism during pregnancy.

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