To learn how to define pregnancy without tests

Sometimes a woman suspects the occurrence of pregnancy, but in the bustle of everyday days in most of the fairer sex just do not have time to visit a gynecologist or do a test.In this case, the question arises, how to determine whether you are in position without the test.

Female body is very different and the signs of conceiving a child may be different from each.Nevertheless, there are certain signs that are suitable for most women.

Signs of pregnancy

most common signs:

  1. menstrual irregularities.It is the most famous sign, which she immediately draws attention.But it is worth noting that the menstrual cycle can be broken due to climate change, taking certain medicines or produced stresses.
  2. Change emotional state.During this period, the woman appears irritability, fatigue or bouts of apathy.The main thing - to determine the status of women, which is not peculiar to her normal period.
  3. Increased breast sensitivity.As a rule, from the first weeks of a woman's breast swells, it becomes very sen
    sitive and any touch to it may be accompanied by pain.
    Sometimes these symptoms may be a result of taking the contraceptive pill or hormone imbalance.
  4. Nausea and vomiting.Nausea usually appear 3-8 weeks after conception.
  5. Frequent urination.If you run to the bathroom become more than usual during urination pain is not felt, no abdominal pain, you should seek the answer to the question of how to recognize a pregnancy test without.
  6. Increased appetite.Link women to certain products (salted or sweet) is also a symptom of pregnancy.Often, such a craving lasts for nine months.

All of these symptoms can be caused by pregnancy, and other phenomena in the body.

How do you know without a pregnancy test

most accurate way to determine a pregnancy without the test is to measure basal body temperature.

In order to properly determine the existence of pregnancy at the basal temperature, a woman should regularly measuring it and know the features of their cycle.It should be noted that the menstrual cycle in woman is composed of two phases.During the first phase of the basal temperature is below 37 degrees.During the second phase, which follows ovulation basal temperature is higher than 37 degrees.

Typically, the majority of women menstrual cycle lasts about 28 days, ie 14 days each phase.The duration of the first phase is changeable, since it is associated with ovulation.The duration of the second phase of a constant.Therefore, if during the second phase of the fever lasts for more than 3 days, then this is a great chance of pregnancy.

When asked how to find out without pregnancy test without a test we can say that definitely need to listen to the changes in your body, feel and measure the basal temperature.

Previously, when there was such a large number of modern means of determining pregnancy, use of folk remedies.It should be noted that the results of these methods have always been reliable.

pregnancy test performed folk remedies using: urine, heart, iodine and onions.Let us consider each method in detail.

  • urine.It contains all the important information about the status of women.Even when there were no modern tests, urine can correctly identify a pregnancy.Nowadays, you can also take a self-made test.To do this, soak a piece of white paper in the urine and place a large drop of iodine on it.If you are pregnant, iodine becomes purple - if not, the iodine will become blue.Also, pregnancy can be recognized by a dark - yellow color of urine as the morning and evening.
  • pulse.It is necessary to go back and find a place on his stomach in a distance of 7-8 cm. From the navel.If you feel throbbing - you're in position.However, the pulse may be absent.
  • Iodine.For this method, you need a small container filled with urine and drop into it a drop of iodine.If a drop of iodine remained on the surface, then you're in position.If iodine began to blur, then there is no pregnancy.
  • Bow.This method is very funny.Take two bulbs and plant them in a different capacity.For myself, note: an onion - you are in position, the other - no.Then you need to wait until they sprout up to 4 cm. What is the first of two bulbs will sprout up to 4 cm, and that will give the answer to your question, how to find out without pregnancy test.

The choice is yours - you use the modern techniques or seek the help of folk remedies to determine pregnancy.But in any case, with a positive result, even if your pregnancy is desired.

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