Effective diet and treatment of liver gepatoza

steatosis of the liver - a group of diseases that are caused by degenerative transformations parenchymal organ without mesenchymal cell responses.

According to the degree of development can distinguish acute and chronic hepatotoxicity.Among the latter occupy a prominent place steatosis, which is the replacement of normal liver cells (called hepatocytes) in adipose tissue.The disease is able to proceed without overt signs or symptoms.

However, after the discovery of the pathology of many concerned about "whether steatosis curable?".It is worth noting that the advanced stage of the disease can be allowed to develop chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis.However, timely treatment and a clear fulfillment of prescriptions doctors outcome relatively prosperous.

How to identify liver steatosis?

The obvious fact is that the process of regeneration of hepatocytes must be stopped at an early stage.In this regard, you need to carefully listen to your own body and paying attention to the warning signs of the slight

est.Moreover, if such symptoms begin to bother a long time.Consider liver steatosis: symptoms and early warning signs of the disease:

  • severe indigestion;
  • general weakness and fatigue;
  • pain in the right hypochondrium;
  • yellowing of the skin;

confirm fears possible by means of palpation (probing body) liver: body fat due to the growths can be slightly increased in size.Furthermore, during palpation of the patient may feel pain.Local damage to the liver - focal steatosis - often their symptoms resemble symptoms of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Among other things, the important point in the process of diagnosis is called a liver biopsy data.Steatosis hereditary pigmentosa manifests itself in children as a result of violations of the action of enzymes in the liver.

treatment method

Strategy medical treatment of this disease is to limit the impact of trigger factors in the body, liver recovery, cleansing the body of accumulated toxins, as well as the promotion of high-grade production of liver cells.At the same time patients assigned a special diet.It is strictly forbidden alcohol intake, limit the ingestion of food rich in fat (especially dangerous fats of animal origin), and carbohydrates that are rapidly broken down in the body.

It should limit the impact of the factors that lead to intoxication.This applies to those professionals who are engaged in "dirty" industries: the chemical industry, metallurgy facilities in the construction industry.

How to treat liver steatosis in this case?Such patients may be unable to completely eliminate the effects of toxic substances.However, doctors recommend treatment system gepatoza such methods:

  • the use of personal protective equipment: respirators, masks;
  • periodic courses of cleansing the body of accumulated toxins (with an interval of every quarter);
  • take regenerating liver cell structure of drugs.At the same time in the acute stage of development gepatoza undergo an intensive course, and after - maintenance therapy.

Diet at gepatoze liver is focused on reducing the income of fats and carbohydrates.The diet of the patient should be filled with plant food, rich in protein, fiber and vitamins.It is necessary to eliminate all that has additional burden on the body: salted, smoked, spicy ...

Food is recommended to take small meals 4-5 times a day.Do not forget about the need to optimize the weight of his own body.An active lifestyle has a positive effect on the liver: stimulating blood circulation, supports organ function, prevents stagnation processes and further degradation of damaged organ tissue.

Treatment gepatoza liver should begin with the identification of pathology.It is particularly important to control the disease, if diagnosed steatosis of pregnancy.It is worth noting that those who are approaching the age of 40 years, as well as overweight and abusing alcohol, constitute a group of disease risk.

of traditional medicine in the fight against disease

gepatoza Treatment folk remedies allows using a soft impact of natural remedies to stimulate liver function and prevent further development of the pathogenic process.The disease is successfully treated by the systematic use of choleretic fees.

helps to restore normal liver structure immortelle, corn silk and rose.This decoction should drink a course of 10 days, without making gaps.Another remedy is honey infused in a pumpkin.For the preparation of this medication must be at the top of a ripe pumpkin and remove the seeds from the fruit clean.

resulting gap fill light honey, cover and remove the tip in a dark, dry place for two weeks.After this period the drug is ready for use.Adopts this honey you need a tablespoon three times a day.

separate preventive measure is apricot pits, which can be eaten on a daily basis.They are rich in B vitamins that accelerate the breakdown of fats in the body.

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