Anemia in infants : symptoms, causes and treatment

Reducing the content per unit volume of blood hemoglobin is called anemia.It is often observed also a decrease in the number of red blood cells.Anaemia in infants is not uncommon.

causes of the disease in children

Children are usually diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia (IDA) - hypochromic anemia, the development of which is due to lack of iron in the body of the baby.For iron deficiency cause the following factors:

  • Malnutrition;
  • gastrointestinal disease;
  • insufficient accumulation of iron reserves in utero;
  • Prematurity;
  • Artificial feeding;
  • Acute infectious diseases.

Symptoms in infants

attentive parents can timely suspected in her baby anemia.In this disease the mucous membranes and the skin becomes pale.Too dry skin the crumbs - also one of the symptoms of the disease.In addition to this illness in babies is often accompanied by frequent occurrence of stomatitis, cracks in the corners of the lips.Digestive processes are violated, leading to occurrence of constipation.

kid gets tired quickly, it moves little, becomes irritable and whiny.If you notice any signs of the disease in children, be sure to consult a doctor.To confirm the diagnosis is necessary to make the child a complete blood count.

Depending on the content of hemoglobin in the blood are three degrees of severity of the disease.Anemia 1 degree light is considered and when it hemoglobin level above 90 g / l.In the second (middle) holds hemoglobin severity ranging from 70.0 to 90.0 g / l.And a third (heavy) hemoglobin level below 70 g / l.

Anemia in newborns

Iron deficiency anemia in infants is usually caused by malnutrition of their mothers during pregnancy.If pregnant women are anemic, her baby in utero development will not be able to accumulate sufficient reserves of iron, and after the birth of his will develop anemia.

addition to iron occurs in newborns and hemolytic anemia, which occurs on the background of Rh-conflict or intrauterine infection of the child with toxoplasmosis, rubella viruses, herpes.

How to cure a disease

for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia iron supplements for children are assigned.It is best to provide them in between meals becausein the diet of many children milk and dairy products, unnecessarily.milk proteins to bind iron and impede its absorption in the gastrointestinal tract.

Treatment of anemia in children is best carried out with liquid forms of iron-containing preparations.Usually they are administered at the rate of 3 mg (calculated as elemental iron) per kilogram per day in a child.

iron therapy quickly increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood.However, despite this, the treatment should be continued for 2 to 6 months to toddler formed in the body an adequate supply of iron.

In severe a doctor may prescribe the introduction of baby products of iron intravenously.

Feeding children with anemia

proper treatment of iron deficiency is impossible without the organization of the child nutrition.The diet should include the necessary process hematopoiesis for vitamins C, PP, group B.

for the synthesis of hemoglobin is required in addition to iron and more protein, so the baby food must contain it in sufficient quantities.

best nutrition for infants is breast milk.If for any reason the mother can not carry out breast feeding, the baby should be fed a specially adapted milk mixtures that are enriched with vitamins and iron.Giving the children the first year of life, cow's milk is not recommended, becausecontent of vitamins and minerals, including iron, much smaller than in human milk or an adapted milk formula.

If your baby suffers from iron deficiency, the foods should be used as applesauce and oatmeal.A little later in the baby's diet should be added pomegranate juice, beets, soup of the liver, as well as other iron-rich foods.

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