Inflammation Rectal Cancer: Symptoms and Treatment

Proctitis or inflammation of the lining of the rectum is a consequence of many factors:

  1. If you eat a lot of salty and spicy food, do not mind a snack at the Fest-food outlets, after work, enjoy a drink, do not stick to a particular diet, you can be sure,proctitis that is provided to you.
  2. If you suffer from constipation (which also contributes to poor diet), and haemorrhoids and not treated, in addition you get inflammation of the rectum.
  3. Sexually transmitted diseases and diseases of the pelvic organs, parasites also are responsible for the formation of inflammatory processes in the mucous.
  4. Weak immune system is not the main reason, but contributes to its development.When the above-mentioned problems to maintain immunity, try to avoid stressful situations, watch out for health.You can drink some vitamin complex, but after consultation with the doctor.

Forms proctitis

  1. Acute inflammation of the rectum occurs suddenly.In this form of proctitis affected only the surface of the mucosa.If you do not
    carry out the appropriate treatment, the disease becomes chronic.
  2. Chronic proctitis develops long, but affects the whole rectal mucosa.

symptoms of acute forms of the disease

  • occurrence of pain in the rectum and perineum, which at the time of defecation is felt in a particular way;
  • blood and pus when emptying;
  • high temperature;
  • deterioration of health;
  • diarrhea or constipation.

This common symptoms.Depending on the species, the symptoms are manifested in different ways:

  1. bluetongue-hemorrhoidal - formed petechial hemorrhages.
  2. catarrhal-purulent - pus formed in the rectum.
  3. Polypoid - mucosal polypoid growths appear.
  4. Erosive - rectal ulcer, or the surface is affected by erosion.

symptoms of the chronic form of the disease

  • non-permanent pain in the rectum and anus;
  • chronic constipation;
  • mucus during emptying.

Types of chronic proctitis

  1. When the mucosa becomes thinner and wrinkles are smoothed, the disease is called chronic atrophic proctitis.
  2. If folds thicken, become loose, then the person is observed hypertrophic inflammation.

How is the treatment and prevention

appearance of any symptoms described above should be a signal for an immediate treatment to the doctor.Why not this delay?Because the same symptoms observed in the formation of colon cancer, which get rid of without serious consequences can only be in the early stages.

All analyzes will be appointed in order to identify the causes of the onset of symptoms.In addition to cancer, may contribute to the emergence of hemorrhoids and anal fissures.Naturally, proctitis and treatment in the early stages is faster and easier.You oberezhete yourself from problems with digestion, metabolism, and other troubles that accompany chronic inflammation of the rectum.

There are several methods of treatment.Can be assigned candles from inflammation of the rectum, which have in their composition of herbal ingredients that regenerate the protective functions of the body and normalize the activity of the rectum.But everything will depend on the causes of the disease.Most often more than one, so complex treatments are applied.What is required from the patient?Precise observance of doctor's recommendations.

the early stages of proctitis proven such treatments:

  • diety- exclusion from the diet of sharp, flour, fat and other products that irritate;
  • mud treatment;
  • therapeutic baths and gymnastics.

If the disease is neglected, but to this is added on medication.Surgical intervention is also possible, but in special cases.

Acute colitis, dysentery, constipation - all this can turn into an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the rectum, so you need time to take action to eliminate these diseases.

One should not overdo with enemas and laxatives, as they irritate.The best option - an appeal to the doctor.

Besides, should not be abused spicy, salty foods and alcohol.

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