Sigmoid colon : inflammation, symptoms, treatment

Sigmoid colon is passing into the rectum the lower part of the colon.It begins near the top of the pelvic aperture.

«sigmoid" gut called because of its shape arrangement, resembling the letter of the Greek alphabet, "sigma".Located sigmoid colon in the left part of the abdomen, and take a direct part in such an important for the body of any human process, as the digestion of food.

Speaking in more detail, it should be noted that this is the body absorb the amount of water circulated through the body.In addition, the sigmoid colon is taking part in the process of hardening of the stool.Based on the above, we can safely say that the sigmoid colon is one of the most important organs of the human body.


Diseases of the sigmoid colon is a very serious problem and, as a rule, lead to serious disorders of the whole organism, and in some cases fatal.In this article we will focus on this form of her disease as inflammation, or, in scientific language, on sigmodite.

Sigmodit - inflammation of th

e sigmoid colon, which is a type of colitis.The disease is not as scary as, for example, cancer of the sigmoid colon, but the consequences of negligence in the treatment process can also be sad.

There are two forms of the disease: acute and chronic.Reasons sigmoditom disease are many, but especially stands out the wrong food, and trauma.


The main symptoms of acute sigmodita are a pain in the sigmoid colon (in her iliac region), accompanied by changes in the intensity and color of the chair.If the inflammation is chronic, observed in patients with constipation and diarrhea and the emergence of pain during and after defecation.

also characteristic symptoms are belching, nausea, vomiting and bloating.In addition, it is worth noting that patients sigmoditom usually drastically lose weight and feel tired all the time in the background constantly elevated body temperature.

Treatment and prevention

process of treating inflammation of the sigmoid colon is quite complex and requires both moral and physical strength, and material.It is especially difficult treatment is if the patient initially wrong diagnosis was made, so in order to avoid problems in the future at the first sign of symptoms is necessary to see a specialist and have the necessary laboratory tests, that is, pass tests (urine, feces, blood).

main principles of treatment of inflammation is to comply with bed rest and diet.By the way, the correct diet for the disease of the sigmoid colon - the key to a speedy recovery.

Typically, the diet is made individually for each patient, taking into account its physical (height, weight) and age data, but at the same time, regardless of this, implies an increase in the reception of light food, ie fruit and vegetable dishes on the background of decreasing consumptionfatty food.

addition to diet, patients received antibacterial, antispasmodic, enveloping and sedatives.It is also quite popular and effective is the use of all sorts of herbal infusions, suppositories, and corticosteroids.

As a rule, if the patient complies with all recommendations of the physician adheres bed rest, diet, and take the necessary medication, treatment outcome is positive.

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