Anemia , how to conduct the treatment of the disease

Reducing the amount of hemoglobin per unit volume of blood, often while reducing the number of red blood cells is called anemia.By itself, the term "anemia" does not specify a particular disease, and only indicates changes in the analysis, ie,It is a symptom of many pathological conditions.

There are different types of anemia.Therefore, the treatment of this condition varies, depending on the reasons, which led to a decrease in hemoglobin.

Treatment of folic acid deficiency anemia

folic acid deficiency anemia is caused by reduction of folic acid in the blood serum of less than 4 mg / ml.This type of anemia occurs most often when alcohol abuse and chronic administration of certain medications.

Treatment of the anemia carried out with the help of folic acid replacement therapy.In addition, the patient should stop further reception provoking anemia drugs.

Iron deficiency anemia

Iron deficiency anemia (IDA) - the most common type of anemia.Statistics show that IDA is observed in 25% of the adul

t population.

A deficiency anemia in infants in 90% of cases is caused by iron deficiency.

Iron deficiency anemia - causes it may be different - requires mandatory of treatment, which includes medication and diet food.

diet should contain adequate amounts of protein and iron-containing products be fortified with vitamins.milk consumption by adults limit.

Drug therapy is carried out with iron preparations.Against the background of their acceptance within two weeks begins hemoglobin increase.Treatment is carried out for 2 - 6 months.

In severe iron deficiency anemia are treated with intravenous or intramuscular administration of iron preparations, and then switch to tablet forms of drugs.

treatment of iron deficiency anemia in children

In children and adolescents there is an increase in iron requirements.With a lack of food in the last they develop iron deficiency anemia.Very often the disease occurs in infants on artificial feeding.

Treatment of anemia in children is best done with the help of liquid forms of iron-containing drugs, which are usually assigned at the rate of 3 mg of pure iron per kilogram of the child per day.

Through treatment of IDA in children, be aware that milk and milk products reduce the absorption of iron from the gastrointestinal tract.Therefore older children limit the amount of milk in the diet and iron supplementation for infants given in between feedings.

How to deal with the disease during pregnancy?

IDA often occurs during pregnancy.This disease in pregnant women, be sure to treat, becauseanemia leads to hypoxia, not only the mother's body, but also her unborn baby.Besides iron deficiency in pregnant does not allow it to accumulate sufficiently in the fetus.As a result, the treatment of anemia in children have to start from the first months of life.

Treatment of iron deficiency anemia in pregnancy is carried out with iron preparations.At their reception in pregnant women rarely have constipation.For their prevention is recommended to increase the content in the diet of foods rich in fiber.


anemia This anemia is the result of reduced production by the bone marrow blood cells.

In severe anemia produce red blood cell transfusions.When hemorrhages (bleeding) is a transfusion of platelets.

Conservative treatment is carried out using antimonotsitarnogo globulin or cyclosporine.In severe aplastic anemia, particularly in young patients, is shown holding a bone marrow transplant.

disease folk remedies Treatment

Treatment of anemia using folk remedies includes a rich and varied diet, rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.

require ascorbic acid for the absorption of iron.Therefore, people suffering from anemia should regularly eat strawberries, common ash, black currants, gooseberries.

Eat as often as possible, quince, apples are rich in iron.

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