Methods for removing warts - Review of methods

Warts - a formation in the skin that occur as a result of penetration into the human infection - viral papillomatosis person.

Outwardly it may be convex and flat skin growths, bodily or rich brown color, similar in appearance to the moles.

Warts can also be a soft leather "pouch", take the form of papillae, or other configuration.Appear similar tumors may at any age, but rather direct or indirect contact with an infected person.

However, if such a papilloma suddenly appeared - do not panic, because the modern methods of wart removal available to everyone and are absolutely safe.

neduga- removal methods when you need to think about the procedures?

themselves, they are not dangerous and theoretically over time this type of tumors can disappear just as they had appeared.Often their owners warts on the body bring discomfort, primarily because of the unattractive appearance.

In any case, the detection of any changes in the skin makes sense to visit the doctor and go through a comprehensive survey,

as active replication (multiplication papillomavirus) is only possible with a deep suppression of the immune system.

Theoretically, tumors, visually resemble warts, may indicate serious disease, so diagnosis must be trained dermatologist or beautician, after a failed attempt to become self-diagnosis of the cause dangerous complications.

think about removing warts should and if education began to mutate, increased its area, in the area of ​​warts appeared skin irritation, itching and allergies.

Medicine for the removal - what to choose?

To date, medicine offers different ways to remove warts.The most common ones are:

  • laser removal;
  • removal of nitrogen;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • removal radiowaves.

Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages.Common to all the advantages include painless, short-term rehabilitation period after the treatment, healing without scars and stitches, safety.

If your goal - to get rid of warts, it makes sense to study the characteristics of different ways.You should not only get involved in traditional medicines and to seriously consider the possibility of surgical removal.

One of modern methods - the removal of nitrogen.The scientific name of this method - cryotherapy, its essence lies in the freeze damaged skin.

active substance - liquid nitrogen is applied locally on the affected areas of skin with an applicator.The average exposure time - 30-40 seconds.

first hours after the procedure can observe swelling of the treated area.Then gradually damaged tissue dies off, and in its place formed a new healthy epidermis.If you decide to choose to remove the liquid nitrogen - this method, the price likely will delight you.

However, the cost of the procedure is calculated individually depending on the size of the wart and clinic level.Removal of nitrogen takes a little time, and after complete healing in the skin of the patient will be left no trace.

We must remember that when deleting large plantar warts may require a course of several procedures.large Freeze also may require multiple sessions, and be ready to increase the final cost of the treatment.

Modern methods of wart removal include the same operations with the use of laser.Today, the laser is widely used in medicine and cosmetology.

procedure is quick and painless as possible, the result is noticeable after just a few days to complete healing will take several weeks, after which the skin does not remain scars or other marks.

laser removal is performed in the clinics of cosmetic medicine and laser surgery, the procedure is accessible to everyone because of the low cost.Another advantage of the technique - safety.The laser can also remove the warts in children.

Just treatment of warts in children may be performed using radio waves.On the action of radio waves method is similar to laser removal of benign tumors.As the laser beam, radio waves act on the skin non-mechanical means.

This is minimal risk of infection and complications.Removing the radio waves as different minimum impact on the surrounding tissue, so that the healing of skin damage occurs without the formation of scar tissue.

Removing warts electrocautery - is another way to get rid of skin lesions, offered in many clinics.Best of all, this method is suitable for the elimination of small-area structures.

After complete healing may leave a small scar.How much is the removal of warts in this way?This is one of the cheapest options for warts output, while complications are unlikely, are used to remove the current pulses sent to a special device to infected tissues.

Electrocoagulation provides disinfection of fabrics and no bleeding from the surgical wound.

choosing medication to remove, do not save on the cost of the method and the means used.Of course, if you want to remove warts on the body, suitable method, leaving small scars.

But the treatment of warts in children is recommended to perform the safest method, leaves no residue after healing.Before cauterization of warts and other growths in any way necessary to consult a doctor.

Frequent re-occurrence of warts (papillomas) on the skin, regardless of their location requires careful comprehensive examination of the body - it should be remembered that some types of HPV can become a cause of malignant tumors (cervical cancer in women).

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