Treatment of alopecia and alopecia protection means

pathological hair loss, which bears proof character, was called alopecia.Striking hair covers not only the head, but the whole body, this is a serious problem tricology contributes to complete baldness.It called a disease a variety of factors, among which are genetic predisposition, adverse lifestyle, long-term use of certain drugs, as in the case of female alopecia - the transformation of the body's physiological reactions and processes as a result of pregnancy or disorders of the reproductive system.

Hit areata can at any age, regardless of gender, but still, this problem is particularly relevant in advanced age (50 years and after) .Stoit acknowledge that due to the relatively less deep planting hair in the epithelium,thinning and hair loss in men occurs more frequently.

Treatment of alopecia, prescribed by the doctor-trichologist effectively in the event that the action is limited to a provoking factor.Of course, the best means to counter hair loss is the total limit adverse conditions.For exa

mple, it is possible to try to pick up the medicine that will replace the drug with side effects in the field of Trichology.Alternatively, review their methods of hair care products.It is said that the treatment strategy depends on the particular type of disease.

treatment of androgenetic alopecia - a set of measures and procedures for avoiding loss of hair, optimizing the supply of hair follicles and preventing hair breakage manifestation.

itself androgenic manifestation of the problem - the uncontrolled loss of hair due to genetic predisposition or a number of other external factors.All the living conditions in svoeys together determine the level of male hormones in the body, the deviation of the concentration of which can lead to hair loss.It is said that the hair may begin to crumble at a young age.In this case, alopecia in children - Treatment is essential to prevent complete baldness in no time.

Treatment of alopecia is subject to three main points:

  • maximum to avoid exposure to a provoking factor (drying hair dryer, long-term use of drugs with adverse effects, stress, chronic sleep deprivation, inadequate nutrition of hair or scalp care for them etc).;
  • compliance efforts to prevent the spread of the problem.Dropping or throughout the area scalp (alopecia diffuse kind) or localized (nesting alopecia), the problem is somehow extended to the entire hairy part.You must predotaraschat such processes;
  • holding a variety of procedures with respect to stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair.

Available tools and

procedures in the field of Trichology developed a variety of dermatological and cosmetic agents that help stimulate the growth and strengthening of hair, epithelial covers the scalp and strengthen the hair follicles.

nature of blood circulation in the skin of the head is also an important element in the process of provilaktiki and treatment of alopecia;Reflexology incorporates a variety of techniques and methods, the essence of which is the impact on the biologically active points and receptors are nerve endings, which is literally permeated the dermis head.The reflexology system worth mentioning massage, acupuncture, magnetic therapy;immunomodulating agents.

It is worth noting the important role of the body's immunity to fight against manifestations of alopecia.Treatment of female alopecia necessarily include immunomodulation folk and medication, since the possibility of a person to resist negative factors directly determine the nature of the progression of hair loss problems, naturopathic means.

Treatment of alopecia at home is possible with the use of a number of assets from nature itself.For example, you can rub the affected areas of scalp juice freshly grated onion and garlic.Rub into the scalp alcohol tincture of red peppers.Herbs from wormwood, centaury, lungwort, plantain, sage, honey is an excellent tool for strengthening the hair, giving it vitality, as well as improving blood circulation in the scalp.Of course, the treatment should be done under medical supervision.

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