The wart on your finger and how to remove it

Everyone agrees that the diseases of the skin of hands, does no one is not a decoration.About the same warts experts unanimously agree that it is not just unsightly growths dotting your hands - they are likely to hide something more serious.

There are psychological problems - often the desire to reduce the warts becomes just intrusive, people say in their own unattractiveness and develops complex.Are there opportunities to get rid of this problem complicating life?Learn more about this disease.

wart on your finger is a benign skin of the fingers and in appearance resembles a nipple or uzelochek.It called this tumor virus papillomatosis person.Due to the fact that they are caused by virus can be transmitted from an infected person to his permanent contacts.Moreover, the incubation period of the disease is between two and six months.

At the same time, the appearance of the disease on the finger may indicate a lowered immunity.Therefore, it is only logical to conclude that the appearance of the skin

is promoted by two factors: infection and decrease the body's resistance.Very often, the infected area on the finger may appear at the site of the wound, scratches or cracks.

But the wart on your finger is not only an aesthetic may hurt and bleed often.They also grow quickly and literally "invade" the new surface.In addition, they may change shape or color.And for successful combat them need drastic measures.As you can see the wart on his finger, the causes of which speak about the problems in the body, it requires a serious approach.

breeding methods

very rare disease finger disappear without any treatment.But note, this is extremely rare!That is why the conclusion is: they must be removed.But what are the methods to combat these skin growths to consider the most effective?Ways to cure the illness on his finger a lot, so it is impossible to answer unequivocally.Consider the most common ways of how to get a wart on his finger.

For a start it should be emphasized that the removal of warts on their own, without consulting a doctor is not permitted!And the reasons for this is not so much lie in the fact that from the warts will not be able to get rid of, but in the fact that a benign tumor can be easily confused with malignant cutaneous form (will try to get rid of warts, but the time when malignant neoplasms is the enemy of the patient).

longer you get rid of warts imaginary, the neglect will become a form of malignancy in the skin of the hands.The risk is not appropriate!Once the notice has recently appeared on the finger wart hands, should go directly to a specialist dermatologist, especially if the disease on the child's finger.

Methods for removing

Distributed following methods of how to get a wart on his finger:

  • salicylic acid.In order to remove the disease, it is necessary for several weeks regularly lubricated skin neoplasm of salicylic acid.It is best to apply the acid to wet skin: take a shower, then blot with a towel and put neatly on a salicylic acid wart.Before performing such an operation on the next day, using the pumice must be removed from the surface of the skin of build-up of dead skin layers.
  • liquid nitrogen.The use of liquid nitrogen to freeze and remove disease finger is cryotherapy.Often, such a procedure is carried out in four stages, and the process of getting rid of skin lesions may take one to four weeks.
  • cantharidin.This ointment warts gives very good rezultaty.Obychno, after application of the tool, the pain is not felt.Yet it happened when after use cantharidin, some patients feel pain.Furthermore, after application of the drug after two hours on the surface of the bubbles may appear warts.After the application of cantharidin, a bandage is taped finger for a day.Then the bandage is removed.If the product is used in a complex, bandage is applied only for two hours.
  • Laser removal.The uniqueness of this method lies in the speed of onset of effect.Laser wart removal takes only a couple of minutes.Additionally, the build-up removal by laser ensure sterility of the procedure, no traumatic effect on the skin and preventing relapse.
  • electrocoagulation method.Is the impact on the surface of the high-frequency current warts.This method is mainly directed to the coagulation of tissue and thereby closes access of the virus to healthy tissue.In addition, using electrocoagulation always possible to stop the bleeding, provides additional disinfection.
  • These are just some methods of traditional medicine, which are used to get rid of warts on your finger.However, the very popular and folk remedies to combat and udaleniyaetih skin lesions.

should fight for the beauty of your hands - they are your "business card"!

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