Alopecia areata - who is at risk ?

alopecia alopecia - a disease with krugovidnym nerubtsovym hair loss on the scalp, face and other areas of smooth skin.Usually, the disease is seen in children and women and men under the age of 25 years.

When the local form of hair on the head fall into one or more locations at totalnoy- hair completely absent.


Health experts believe that there are several reasons why a person may develop alopecia areata.One of them - heredity.

important role played by various environmental factors, as well as neurogenic and psychogenic.

mainstay of treatment

There are many methods of how to treat alopecia areata, which are carried out in two directions: external therapy (hormone, immunosuppressive, annoying) and internal (system vvednie korrtikosteroidov, immunotropic treatment and photochemotherapy).

alopecia alopecia is treated most effectively by the last of the above methods, therefore dwell on it in detail.

Photochemotherapy (or, in other words, PUVA therapy) - is the use of long-wave ultrav

iolet light, and a device that increases the susceptibility to the effects of its individual tissues.

specialists repeatedly conducted experiments whose aim was to achieve maximum effect in the treatment of disease by this method.The results are quite encouraging, from 40 to 65 percent of all patients began to go on the amendment.But do not think that the effectiveness of post-procedure is always the same.In this case it is necessary to take into account the extent to which large area of ​​baldness, and how long the patient is suffering from this disease, and that when the hair is falling out for the last time.

Depending on what stage of development is alopecia areata, there are different methods of photochemotherapy.Let us examine them in detail.

When a universal form of the disease is recommended to long-wave ultraviolet irradiation with oral intake of the photosensitizer.If the patient's body are many foci of alopecia, and they are quite large, as well as the total form of alopecia areata, the use of the device by going outside.In the case where the hair falls out and the patient's head, and other parts of the body, including the limbs, doctors used general and local photochemotherapy with variation of both methods of application of the photosensitizer.

the treatment of alopecia areata can be used as a variety of drugs.It usually prednizalon, betamethasone ointment.Minoxidil is also recommended, but its use will not give any result at full loss of hair.Among other medications doctors prescribe individually dalargin, zinc oxide, pentoxifylline, and nicotinic acid.However, we must bear in mind that none of these funds does not give a full guarantee that the disease will retreat.The most important thing - not to lead to alopecia areata at the stage and strictly follow all instructions of your doctor.

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